Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why Do I Get Excited For This Garbage Every Year?

Goldy said it so well, I don't have to. Yes, this is the official "Brad thinks the Brewers are dead: 2.0." Hopefully it works as good as the previous version. Seriously, what the hell is going on here? Is this franchise cursed? When is Melvin gonna take some heat? This team is so obviously flawed, even when they were 25 games over .500. But, nooooooo. Nobody wanted to hear that. Everything was rosy. Well, that's what everyone said last year too. Atrocious bullpen and a bunch of free swingers. Sheets - what a fitting end to your time in Milwaukee...hurt. Most important game of his life, he leaves in the 2nd inning. Spectacular!

What's the combine salaries of Suppan, Hall, Gagne, and Riske? Shit, if Ted Thompson made these moves Matt might have a coronary! Instead, he (and everyone else) doesn't blame the GM who put this fraud together. Hell, CC pitched damn near perfect and they STILL can't get it done! This team is not just dead, but heartless. That's worse.

I'll leave you with the same line I emailed Jim Powell a few years ago: "WHY DO I GET EXCITED FOR THIS GARBAGE EVERY YEAR?"


Anonymous said...

we get excited because we see the phrase "pitchers and catchers report" in february when it's cold as balls here and there is nothing else to get excited for. football is done, the bucks suck and it's the middle of winter.

they seduce us each year only to fuck us over year after year after year. i just wish they'd go back to being out of contention in july like the old days so i don't have to waste the last 2 months of summer going to and watching games.

woziszeus said...


Yeah man...I hated the Brewers when they were 25 games obviously flawed.

Bipolar nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Come on, yost is fired, everything should be good to go now that yost isn't there to f everything up