Thursday, September 18, 2008


Packers-Cowboys! This game is tasty in a number of different manners…that’s obvious. Green Bay got lathered in all phases last year in Dallas. Will it be a repeat performance on Sunday night?

Reasons for YES:
- Dallas is the best team in football. Seriously, if you had to put a month’s paycheck on one team to win the Super Bowl, who would you pick?
- The Dallas O-Line is gigantic. Nate Newton/Larry Allen-big. Slowing the run game shouldn’t be a huge issue (knock on wood), but pressuring Romo is. Even Philly’s complex blitz schemes didn’t provide much pressure. If he’s got time, its carve-up city. Hell, they dropped 41 on Philly!
- The Dallas front 7 is almost as impressive. They basically play a 5-2 defense and bring the kitchen sink.
- T.O. is a special player who lives for the big game. If he scores a TD and proceeds to stand at midfield on the Packer “G,” I will personally run onto the field and stab him with a trident.

Reasons for NO:
- McCarthey had a brutal game plan last year. They tried to exploit the Cowboys secondary deep. That needed more time for routes to develop, which meant Favre had to hold the ball longer, allowing the speedy DE’s (Demarcus Ware, anyone!) to mash Brett like a piñata. Look for the exact opposite…like the 2nd half. Quick, short, get-rid-of-the-ball-fast routes from WRs. YAC, baby YAC!
- Woodson and KGB will play, unlike last year. Of course, Woodson makes the Packers secondary much better. And KGB (hopefully) can bring some much needed pressure.
- Lambeau. For what it’s worth, Dallas has NEVER won in Green Bay. What this has to do with Sunday’s game, I have no idea but it’s one of those stupid stats clueless commentators (and me) like to throw out there.
- The ONLY home underdog on the week 3 NFL schedule? Yep, it’s Green Bay +3. The Pack can play the “no respect” card, which, sometimes, works.
- Romo’s crazy HS ex-girlfriend from Burlington, Jenni Kulkarsi or something like that (complete with Marb Reds in one hand, a king kan of High Life in the other, driving an ’89 Iroc Z with two bottles of Aqua Net in her hair), is on a mission to go “Nancy Kerrigan” to J-Simpson’s knee. This flusters Romo more than a blitzing AJ Hawk. Jessica retaliates by singing everyone’s favorite 90s song: “Boom I got your boyfriend, I got your man. Boom I got your boyfriend…”

Final Score: Dallas 34, Green Bay 23. Sorry folks, the Cowgirls are a well oiled machine right now.

To take out frustrations, how about a drinking game: This is Madden’s first post-Favre Packer game. You know what that means….drink once every time he says “Brett,” twice for “Favre,” and three times for “Brett Favre.” If you’re still alive midway through the 3rd, congrats. You and you’re liver deserve a medal…or a Chuckie Hacks bumper sticker.

Also, the opening odds for NBC playing Coldplay’s “When I ruled The World” while showing Favre highlights? 3-1.


lofty said...

chuckie hacks bumper sticker.....fantastic idea.

Greatone said...

Thank God Woz and I will be going to the game therefore I don't have to listen to F(&#ing Madden.

brad said...

greatone - I'll be there to. Get together for a pregame beer?

brad said...

That should be too, as in, also...

Anonymous said...

i need a chuckie hacks bumper sticker. need something to replace my "fire svuem" one in 2 weeks.

a loss won't be that bad here. i had them 1-2 after this game anyway and still making the playoffs, so they'd still be a game ahead of that pace.

mgd mike said...

For those going to the game we need to have a chuckie hacks pregame tailgate beer....I will be with Brad and have a cooler of MGD !

And happy Birthday to Chuckies own Brad! What are you 53 now, and still living in your parents basement? Come on man!

woziszeus said...

"Boom I got your Boyfriend..."

Excellent Brad...excellent.

greatone said...

I have thought of signs for the game, I think the best one would be:


Notice the NBC down the side & and a big picture of Arod on the other, or my Ted Thompson #4 Packers jersey.
If I didn't get pissed at people holding up signs I would do it, but I won't b/c signs are gay.

Brad, Woz and I will have 2 cases of Miller Lite, and lime vodka and OJ going. I will meet at any bar around Lambeau as well other than Brett Favre's steakhouse.

Lance's Other Nut said...


I was at the MINN game and this dumb c*nt decked out in her new Favre Jets jersey with some queer sign saying for her honeymoon she wanted NY but her husband brought her to GB.

Every athletic play Rodgers made (and there were plenty) that game I let her hear it. No reason to be holding a sign at a game, especially when I'm sitting in the endzone in the 11th row (she was in the 9th) trying to watch a TD drive.

/end rant

greatone said...

Lance-I totally agree signs are stupid, I just said that would be the one that I would have if I were to have one. I would bitch at any person with a JETS jersey.