Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Svuem's First Batting Order?

What will Dale Svuem's first batting order look like?

You know he won't trot out the Yost lineup, because (a) it wasn't working and (b) he needs to look different. With 3 straight righties from the Cubs, there's not a ton you can do with this lineup.

Here's a total stab in the dark for tonight's batting order from yours truly:

C Kendall (.500 career hitter vs. Dempster in 14 ABs)
2B Durham (5 for 9 vs. Dempster this year)
1B Prince
LF Braun
CF Cameron
SS Hardy
RF Hart
3B Counsell

As usual, the leadoff position is tough. Hart has 0 career hits vs. Dempster, so I don't see him as a good play as a leadoff hitter. I could see Gwynn playing RF and batting leadoff, but as I am on record as saying that I think Gwynn is useless I'm not going to suggest that.


AP said...

As long as Hall doesn't get an AB in this entire series, Dale can do whatever he wants with his lineup and it's fine by me.

ClownShipLollypop said...

Agreed, but add Weeks to that list. Weeks and Hall shouldn't get a single at bat the rest of the season.

If they want to shake things up put Escobar at SS, Hardy to 3rd and Durham on 2nd.

Escobar is your leadoff hitter.

He's batting a thousand and is fast as hell. Granted it's on 2 at bats, but it's more than I can say for the majority of this team.

Fuck Corey Hart. Put the Brewers edition of Mr. Potato head out in right.

Anonymous said...

I say F Yost bat Prince #1

Phatty said...

Just please don't put the Hebrew Hammer in the 4 hole. Bad karma.

thecobra said...

Can CC bat in the 4 or 5 hole please? Anyone up for seeing Prince with CC on deck?

Goldy said...

CF Mike Cameron
2B Ray Durham
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
SS JJ Hardy
RF Corey Hart
3B Craig Counsell
C Jason Kendall
P CC Sabathia

According to the JS

Matt said...

I'm not sure about Cameron as leadoff hitter.

Of course I didn't like Kendall in the leadoff spot either.

Go Team Dale.

Joe Steve said...

That's a good amount of speed on the top of the line up, maybe some small ball for once?

Team Sveum...get them on, get them over, get them in.

David said...

Here's my starting line up for the Brew Crew

RF A box of Peanuts
2B A block of Muenster Cheese
1B Fielder
LF Mr Eyebrows (Braun)
CF A Keg of Beer
3B The bat boy
SS the Girl in section 242 row 4 seat 9

Matt said...

David, I don't think that lineup works.

Who's catching?

David said...

Yost lol

David said...

he was a backup catcher

Goldy said...

I can understand why Iorg didn't send Braun, but he has to remember there is a tremendous sack of Crap in JJ Hardy coming up after Prince.

Anonymous said...

Perfect ending with Fatty looking at a perfect pitch. This team is still dead. Firing Yost just means one less excuse. Just pathetic.

ClownShipLollypop said...

Yeah, that was fucking dumb to pull Braun back at third. He was half way home. Douchebag.

That was one hell of a pitch wood made at the end. I don't blame Prince. Other people need to step up... Like our "Golden Glove" outfield Cameroon. You gotta make that catch. If you touch a ball, you should catch the ball.

marshalledwards said...

I think Melvin's done if this team does not make the playoffs. I believe has only has one year left on his deal, anyway. Can the whole lot of them and start over. Gord Ash or Jack Z slide right into the GM role and the new GM gets to pick his manager.

Anonymous said...

there's no way Melvin is done if they don't make the playoffs. He's done everything in his power to give us the best possible chance. Not to mention he locked up Braun for for 10 million less then he's worth.

lofty said...

But he wasted $10M on Gagne. If you're going to wipe the slate and start over this is the year.