Wednesday, September 17, 2008

60% of the Opening Day Starting Rotation Residing in the Bullpen? Not Good.

Lots of interesting personnel news coming from Tom Haudricourt last night:
  • Manny Parra is being pulled from the rotation on account of his general suckiness, replaced by Seth McClung.
  • Gallardo might be ready to contribute out of the bullpen starting in the Reds series. If the Brewers don't win a game between now and then, I say shut him down. Why risk it? Although he can reminisce with Parra and Villanueva about how cool it was when they were all starting pitchers when the season started.
  • David Riske's wasted 2008 season is now permanently wasted, as he's not going to pitch again this year.

And......the Brewers still lost last night, despite the absence of Nervous Ned.

Ryan Dempster's hit off of CC in the early going (2nd inning, maybe?) was the most ridiculous base hit I've ever seen. The Brewers announcers rightly said that it looked like he was playing Cricket with the bat. But that just goes to show you that good things can happen when you put bat on ball. Not enough bat on ball by the Brewers vs. Dempster. Ugh.


DannyNoonan said...

I feel okay about yesterday. Both good teams and bad teams lose games to the Cubs these days. It's way different than blowing a game against the Reds or something. I have a good feeling about the rest of the season.

Joe Steve said...

Have to agree with Noonan...the game came down to getting one-upped on the defensive plays by the Cubs. If Counsell snags that 2 RBI liner from A Ram and if Johnson doesn't make that sick catch on Hart, totally different result. There were at least 3 web gems in that game.

After Hardy made that play from his knees late, I thought no way in hell does he make that play last week.

Anonymous said...

Sheets injured again? SHOCKING!

Just forfeit the rest of the year and save us some time.