Monday, September 15, 2008

Packers 48, Lions 25

- How would you like to be Detroit with one of their biggest comebacks ever - and still lose by 23 points! Oh, the Lions. Now a stellar 31-83 in the Matt Millen era. That's fantastic!

- Big plays all around. Jennings is a full fledged stud. That guy's money. Hawk with 2 sacks. Kampman being Kampman. Then Woody with the "DAGGERS," as Wayno likes to say.

- Grant's hammy just isn't right. Jackson and Lumpkin (for one carry, at least) found running room. No way Grant is 100%.

- Rodgers playing like a wily vet. He's looking really, really good.

- McCarthey is 10-0 all time vs Minnesota and Detroit.

One more comment:

- Can somebody please ban Ohio State from ever playing in another big game? Please? For the sake of my eyeballs and hearing all the hype surrounding these games? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

How is Matt's 4-12 prediction thus far going to work out. Arod is the league MVP right now(other then probably Cutler)

AP said...

It was also nice to get James Jones back into the mix; seems like he and Rodgers are on the same page and that added a little bit more to the passing game.

Week 1 Detroit gets torched on the ground & Week 2 they sell out on the run and get torched through the air. That team can only concentrate on one thing at a time apparently.

Clifton's getting close to pissing me off also, FWIW. He can knock off the penalties any time now.

Lovie Smith said...

He's only 1-3 against me!

ClownShipLollypop said...

If they beat the Cowboys next week, then I will personally apologize for all the shit talking I've done about this team and Aaron Rodgers.

However, I think they will get completely owned. They've played a Vikings team that is obviously no where near as good as predicted. They also played the Lions... Umm yeah.

I suppose one could say that it's not the Packers fault if they are in a weak division. This is true.

Next week will be the true test. We'll see then; however, I will not jump on the bandwagon even if this team goes to the Super Bowl. Just like I'm with the Brewers until the bitter end, I'm against the Packers front office until they are gone.

brad said...

Clown, why are you against the front office? I guess you don't like them going 20-4 in their last 24 games. Wierd.

Anonymous said...

its great to see minnesota 0-2, but they lost to the packers and colts both close. no shame in that.

Anonymous said...

and fire TT and MM. if brett was here we would have won both games 50-0.

ClownShipLollypop said...

I haven't liked the powers that be for a long time. It probably started with Bob Harlan saying that if tax payers didn't pay to fix the stadium then the Packers were going to find a new home. Really shitbag? Because YOU own the team? No, you don't asshole.

I've never liked Ted Thompson. Since his arrival he has been hellbent on tearing apart any last remanence of Ron Wolf. You can just tell that he is a snide asshole.

Murphy just seems like a pud