Monday, September 15, 2008

Down to a 50/50 shot

So it's come down to this...after a ridiculous September swoon, our team (which on September 1st had a freaking 94% chance at making the playoffs), is now about at a 48% chance.

It's so ridiculous that they couldn't get out of Philly winning at least 1 game. 1 game and the outlook is SO much better. Go ahead and look at the current playoff odds report, and look at the 1 day change. It's almost 19%. 1 game!!!

It's not even worth discussing in detail the Philly series or the month of September in general. It really isn't. Everybody knows the problem (offense). That can turn around in so many different ways that aren't even quantifiable. We just have to hope the offense can turn it around somewhat and our starting pitchers bear down a little.

So it comes down to this: a 50/50 chance with 12 games to go...6 of which are against the Cubs. With 12 games left...6 of those games will be started by CC and Ben Sheets. Those 6 games...are now MUST WIN games. At this point...hopefully our two big guns can take care of business in those 6 games, and then our other guys can get a split or better for a 9-3 or 10-2 run.

Nobody knows what it going to happen (Hell, we could go 6-6 and Philly and Houston could both tank).

At this point in the season, I see no reason to get negative about things outside of one's control. This is the team we're dealt with, you've just got to hope they've got enough to pull it out. With CC and Sheets, I like our chances in ANY playoff series...where luck plays such a factor with the performance of just 1 or 2 players. We just need to get there...and we're down to a 50/50 chance.

Fucking Go Crew.


brewerfan said...

You sort of sound like Ned.

DC said...

In all the shit talk on this blog about writing the Brewers off, I appreciate Woz bringing some sanity to this argument. There are 12 games to go and we have as good a shot as those tied with us of making the playoffs. For those of you writing this team off now, good. Go. And don't come back if/when the Crew makes the playoffs. Me, I'll stick with 'em for two more weeks, enjoy the ride, and if/when they make the playoffs, I won't waste my time discussing baseball with you bandwagon jumpers. And fuck anyone that says I now sound like Ned Yost.

DannyNoonan said...

Very well said. Everything that happened until now is in the past. We have a 12 game season now. We have a couple of great pitchers in half of those games. We just need to play as well as the Phillies or a little better than the Mets. It's very doable.

ClownShipLollypop said...

The Brewers need to go into the last 12 games with the attitude that they are out of the playoffs. Play spoilers like they did last year against the Padre's.

Obviously, thinking about getting to the playoffs is to much pressure for this team to handle, so why not reverse the thinking?

Just say FUCK IT and win some damn games. Fuck the playoffs, fuck the Cubs, fuck the Phillies, fuck the mets and fuck Corey Hart.

Just win games.


marshalledwards said...

This team badly needs a slumpbuster. Hopefully there is a Monday night bachelorette party full of fatties tonight at the clubs in Chicago that can assist in this important matter.