Monday, September 29, 2008

One (out of many I'm sure) Brewers - Phils Preview

Will Leitch wrote a piece on Deadspin this afternoon previewing the upcoming series that apparently is the first trip for the Brewers to the postseason in a couple years. Like most other Leitch-stuff, it's well written, and worth the read.

We'll link whatever previews we can find over the next few days, just so we have it on record what the public thinks of us. I'll be saving mine and the infamous Woz Guarantee until I see the pitching rotation. We all know the Woz Guarantee is a freaking lock.

Here's a few tidbits from the article:
Leitch - If they go out early, you have to wonder if it was worth it (talking about the Brewers and them "going for it" this year).
My React - Ummm...yeah it was worth it. Making the playoffs was THE GOAL for this team. Goal accomplished. Let's all just enjoy the ride this week.

Leitch - How much will he sweat when facing Ryan Braun with a one-run lead and a runner on in the bottom of the ninth? Could he handle that again (He's talking about closer Brad Lidge...who has been lights out this year)?
My React - Lidge is a beast. I won't bet against him. However, if it comes down to Braun v Lidge late in a game...think about last year in Houston...I'll take Braun.

Leitch - But you don't necessarily have to like this team (obviously referring to the Brewers), which, in the opinion of this Cardinals fan, have taunted, showboated and chest-pounded to a rather excessive amount for a team that, until yesterday, had never won a damned thing.
My React - we go again. "Never won a damned thing." What the hell does that have to do with anything? The old double standard. The old "we can do that...but you can't." We've seen this type of foolish statement before. How can somebody seriously believe that? This isn't like a rookie walking into a clubhouse and talking shit to veterans. This is an entire baseball team playing with the same swagger AS EVERY OTHER TEAM.

Anywho...Leitch goes on to predict the Brewers taking the series in 5...which isn't that bold of a prediction I suppose if CC takes the mound for 2 of the games. More previews to come...


Anonymous said...

Why is the goal of this team to just make the playoffs? Is that because you think they don't have a chance in the playoffs? Every team should have the goal of winning the World Series, anything less is no accomplishment whatsoever. The Brewers traded their top prospect for the rental of an Ace pitcher to limp into the playoffs? The acquisition of Sabathia would tend to indicate the Brewers were interested in going for a championship not simply backing into the playoffs with the wild card spot.

Anonymous said...

Just making the playoffs is truly "good enough" this year. Sure you'd like to win a series or two (or three), but if we get swept, the season is still a success. 90 wins, 3 million fans, blah blah blah. It's still a good year.

It's almost like those 94-96 Packers teams that got to the playoffs but always lost to the "big boys" until they finally broke through. Regardless of what happens, going through the last month is huge for these young guys and gives them a great amount of experience for the future.

Anonymous said...

Baseball isn't necessarily comparable to football when you talk about the development of a team. Often times the team that wins the World Series wasn't even in the playoffs the previous season. What "young" Brewers are going to post significantly better offensive numbers next season? Without Sabathia and Sheets there is a good chance that the Brewers won't even be in the playoffs next season. Their best opportunity is to win now. If Brewers fans want to define backing into the playoffs as "success" then so be it. Don't expect them to improve on this year's performance when their pitching staff will likely be weaker next season and their owner is not going to spend alot of money to bring in any help. How can fans expect them to repeat their number of wins next season when they are losing their best starting pitchers and their bullpen is awful? They are in a division with teams that will out spend them every year so don't expect them to dominate on a consistent basis.
-anon 1