Thursday, August 28, 2008

These are the words of one Bernie Miklasz

It's official. I hate the franchise. The St. Louis Cardinals are now on the same level as the Minnesota Vikings for me. Nothing but a bunch of bitchers and moaners. Ooooooooooooooooo...those Brewers are finally having a good year! Look at them! They untuck their shirts after games and look at their home runs after they hit them! One of their pitchers got a little fired up after working out of a bases loaded jam! What a bunch of arrogant assholes! They've never won anything...only we can do that!


Basically, my malcontent feelings towards the franchise reached a boiling point after reading this, which is quite possibly the stupidest thing ever written:

* One more thing: I don’t understand the Brewers. I just don’t. Really, I admire that team and its talent. Doug Melvin is one of the best guys in the game and an excellent GM. There are so many good players on that roster. But why do the Brewers always have to pull stunts? Why do they have to go knucklehead on us so often? What’s up with yanking their shirts out of their pants on the field as soon as they win a game, which, despite what they claim, really is an insult to the other team? What’s up with some of the showboat HR trots? What’s up with a journeyman like Villanueva gesturing wildly and cursing in the direction of the STL dugout? I don’t understand why this talented team feels that it needs to act up like NBA bad boy Ron Artest, or something. I don’t understand why this Milwaukee team feels the need to be controversial. I don’t understand the arrogance, considering that the Brewers have won NOTHING since 1982. And I don’t understand how Yost continues to allow it to happen. The Brewers will probably make the playoffs. They are that good. But we must ask: can you fellas at least hold off on the showboating until you actually win something?

Unreal. Simply unreal.
-What stunts are you referring to? Motorcycle jumps? Thrilling late-inning escapes? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
-The Brewers go "knucklehead" on you? In what context? Did any Brewer physically tap his knuckles on the head of a Cardinal? Again...what does this mean?
-Oh...I see what you mean. These "stunts" and "going knucklehead" are really your phrases and descriptions for when the Brewers pull out their shirts at the end of the game. WHY do they do it? They've been doing it basically all year you dolt. It's a silly little tradition Mike Cameron started that caught on because it was the first thing his Dad did when the workday was over (untucking his shirt). Jesus Christ. It's not an insult to anybody. Perhaps to Ralph Lauren...but not the other team. It's not directed towards the other team! OMG...I'm actually writing about the Brewers untucking their damn shirts! Who the F cares?! NOBODY CARES. They've been doing it all year and now the Cardinals are finally realizing they aren't the best (or 2nd best team) in the NL Central this year and they are looking for reasons. They are looking for someone to blame. They are looking for any reason to "shame" the Brewers.
-What's up with the Showboat home run trots? Are you joking? This has been happening in the majors for the last 15 years. ALBERT PUJOLS...a guy on your team...the infallible one...DOES THIS ALL THE TIME! Showboating home runs? This isn't specific to the Brewers you donkey.
-Maybe Carlos got a little excited...maybe. I'll give you that. But did you just call Carlos Villanueva a journeyman? What? A journeyman? Did you just call a 25 year old who has been traded 1 time in his minor league career and has been pitching on 1 major league roster for 3 years now a journeyman? Do you even know what journeyman means? Ron Villone is a goddamn journeyman. Dude's been on like 10 teams. Kent Mercker...yeah...I'd say he was a journeyman. But Carlos Villanueva? No...not a journeyman you fool.
-This "journalist" seriously compared the actions of the 2008 Milwaukee Brewers to that of Ron Artest. Ron Artest plays basketball. He's a maniac. He once jumped into the stands and attacked a fan. He also once beat up a woman, starved dogs, and made a freaking rap album. SOMEHOW HE AND ANY EFFING MEMBER OF THE 2008 BREWERS HAVE THINGS IN COMMON.
-And then...he ends it all by saying this:
can you fellas at least hold off on the showboating until you actually win something? Yes...there it is. This man feels it's ok to "showboat" when you win something. I feel like his entire article became moot at this juncture. Because good sportsmanship can go out the window once you "win" something...

...or in his case, when you are the St. Louis Cardinals.


Anonymous said...

eh, it's just jealousy. they had their good year a few years ago (thanks to one of our guys, soup) and haven't done anything since.

they think they are entitled to be in the playoffs and can't stand the thought of another team taking their place in the plyaoffs.

their superstar pujols puts up good numbers, but isn't clutch, and plays shoddy defense (smoothed over by questionalbe scoring decisions by their scorer).

the fans in st. louis don't care as much as brewers fans. to not sell out these 2 games is inexcusable this late in the season in a pennant race.

and anheiser busch < miller.

Anonymous said...

Insecure people always find something to be insulted by.

Anonymous said...

The pitch that plunked braun last night was about 2.5 feet off the plate. Stay classy cardinals! I make a cheers to tony larussa and his next DUI.

Lance's Other Nut said...

Insecure people also post under "Anonymous"

/no offense anonymous Brewers fans

Goldy said...

I seriously do not see how untucking shirts is disrespectful to the other team.
Is the ritual of the winning team high fiving on the field also disrespectful?
I also find it disrspectful that the winning team gets a notch in the win cloumn after a win. They should be playing for fun and the score shouldn't matter. As long as everyone got an at bat and a trip to Dairy Queen after the game, everyone should be happy.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that St. Louis actually has a beat writer more retarded than Witrado. Not only is he more retarded, but he is actually on the Cardinals payroll. "Why do you go knucklehead on us?" I was unaware that Villy made a Milton Bradley assult on the press box Bernie you Fing idiot. Nice to see that all it takes for Bernie to excuse Pujols grandstanding on every hit, er, homer is for Alber to say, "it's not as bad." Well written press release, sorry, article Bernie.


garcia said...

Mike Cameron played a full game and gets a full sno-cone. Manny Parra played half of the game and gets a full sno-cone!

According to Brian Regan

Let them cry...Let the ladies in St. Louis cry...

On the other hand, Tony proved last night we he is a superior manager than Ned. Plus, Ryan and Prince were aweful. Thanks guys!!

Joe Steve said...

I like how Prince Al said Villy "said something in Spanish that I don’t want to say to you guys" then you can clearly see him say "shut the fuck up and get back in the dug out you piece of shit". At least Chuck said it in Espanol so only a fraction of the viewing audience could understand. Stay classy STL!

AP said...

Maybe it's just the booze talking.

Anyway, I thought all of these bean balls were like penance. If you show the other team up, you get one in the ribs as Braun did last night, and you move on and play the game, right? We're all even.

I just don't see how you get to whine about it AND get retribution. It's one or the other, not both. Yes the Brewers untuck their shirts, maybe it's insulting maybe it isn't. Yes, the Brewers (and many others) watch HR's a little too long. Fine. However, a fastball to the gut nullifies the crybaby reaction. You don't get to drill a guy, and then complain that they aren't playing fair. That's just kind of....girly. After all of last year's bean balls and now last night, I haven't heard one bit of whining by the Brewers about it. When Braun showed up Houston last year, he apologized to the catcher and got plunked the next game and it was done. No whining.

Sucks for STL that the playing field got so level after baseball took all of the steroids away......just sayin'.

Plesac's a Traitor said...

I agree with you Goldy. They're acting like the Little League jackasses in Connecticut that won't let a 9 year-old pitch because he throws too hard. Suck it up.

D'Amico's one good year said...

Let'em be mad. He's a hack who doesn't bother to do the very easy research as to why the Crew untucks. Typical.

The Cards reflect their manager. Assholes.

Rubie Q said...

Let me see if I have this straight:

PLAYING THE GAME THE RIGHT WAY: Ordering your pitcher to drill a guy recovering from a ribcage/lower back injury (I still don't understand what this whole intercostal business is about) in the ribs.

PLAYING THE GAME THE WRONG WAY: Untucking your shirt after winning a game.

Sounds about right.

D'Amico's one good year said...

Yup, you got it.