Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Matt Millen - Gone

You mean that 31-84 record will get you fired? No way. This is terrible news for Packers fans because now the Lions have a chance to turn it around, something that was impossible with Millen as GM.



thecobra said...

I am not happy about this. I had wishful thinking he would plague this franchise for decades apon decades.

AP said...

At least the new GM will have a Top 5 draft pick to start rebuilding with in '09.

Every year when I go watch the NFL draft, there is a table of 3-4 Detroit fans that always sit near my Packer friends and I.

Right before they selected Calvin Johnson, I was at my table thinking, "..please take a WR, please take a WR, please take a WR." When they read his name, both their table and our table stood and cheered at the same time. It was awkward. It must be like that for Lions fans a lot.