Friday, September 12, 2008

A little mental masturbation

I'm not even going to write about the Brewers's just going to upset me...and that's not what I want to happen before what appears to be a nice weekend ahead.

Instead, I'll let you all in on my weekly choice for the massive NFL survivor pool I've found myself in this year. If you don't like it or don't care: TOO BAD. Rules are pretty can't pick the same team twice for the first 8 weeks...then you pick all the teams again starting in week 9. If it goes to the playoffs, then you can pick any team any week...doesn't matter if you repeat a team each week. Last year my brother-in-law made it with 23 guys all the way to the Super Bowl and took NE...poor sap.

This year: Total of 1,550 entrants, with prize pool of $28,880. Winner take all. I repeat that...WINNER TAKE ALL. So naturally, I plan on paying off my car in a few months.

I was safe the first week and took NE, and it worked out nicely. The first week saw a drop of about 525 guys due to Indy & SD going we're cut out about a third of the riff-raff.

Here's the 3 games I liked in Week 2:
-The obvious pick is the Giants over St. Louis right? St. Louis sucks. The Giants have had 10 days off and should be ready to go.
-Packers over the Lions...seems like a good bet right? Packers played great on Monday night, and Detroit couldn't stop the Atlanta Falcons machine (HA!). No way the Packers lose right?

I might be making a big mistake here, but I actually went a different route and am taking this week a team that some like to call The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals. I took AZ and not GB or the Giants for a couple reasons:
-The Giants are on the road, AZ plays at home.
-The Packers have 1 less day off due to playing on Monday night.
-AZ is playing Miami...who by all pretty sucky.
-AZ played "well" last week on the'd have to think they'd take care of business at home.

So that's me Yostradomus.


ClownShipLollypop. said...

I thought for sure you would be all over the new Corey Hart comments.

woziszeus said...

Yeah I saw that...but I'm just going to ignore it for the time being.

But he should be ashamed of himself.

garcia said...

You know... J-roll slammed the Philly fans and then went off offensively... maybe hope for the same....? (Pray for the same)!

AP said...

Solid pick on 'Zona. 6-2 at home last year, only 8-8 overall.

ClownShipLollypop. said...

I'm pretty much done with that backward ass hick retard. I was willing to excuse his stupidity the first time, but that's about it.

Maybe he should go back to Texas and get raped by a hurricane.

His bobble head is officially on time out in the corner...

Corey Hart said...

Thanks for the All Star game voting and the higher contract I will try and get from it, fuckwads.

Chorenzo Chorizno said...

I think NY or AZ are both safe picks. Ride those teams while they're somewhat hot. You sure as hell may not want to be stuck picking them in a survivor pool week 10 when they've cooled off, or are playing a better team.

As far as Hart goes, I haven't even taken that goddamn carpet bagger's bobble head out of the box yet. Fucker.

Goldy said...

I hope when the Brewers come back to town. Corey really gets booed. The Boos on the last homestand were for Hall striking out or Weeks makign another error or Gagne giving up a 2-run bomb. Things these guys have been doign all season and not improving on. The Brewers are playing tight and when you start blaming things liek the fans booign you, you are in trouble. Go get another tatoo you stupid fuck Corey Hart.

ClownShipLollypop. said...

I think we need a new thread with the title: Corey Hart - What a fucker.

Don't mess with Texas, it's not nice to pick on retards.

Stupid ass sharecropper.

D'Amico's one good year said...

His shitty attitude will make the blow much softer when he shuffles his lazy, egotistical ass out of town. He's an above average outfielder, nothing more, and made the ASG on the effort of hard-core brewer fans, a concept he doesn't seem to grasp. I assume it's because he's never been asked to grasp a concept, because all he's ever done is play baseball and be told how great he is.


I'm fed up. This is the best Brewers season in a LONG time and I can't enjoy it because we have a shitty manager and half-assed effort from our "stars". We boo because we expect better from you, you slack-jawed, sheep-humping, inbred yokel. We CARE, we want you to do well, and when you screw up we're upset. And it's been happening FAR TOO OFTEN.

God Damn. Sorry fellas... I'm just enraged by this team. I'm an idiot;ignore me.