Monday, September 22, 2008

Doing the Bull Dance, Feeling the Flow

I watched about 18 hours of Ryder Cup this weekend (thank you, DVR) and about 10 minutes of college/pro football (thank you, bye week for the Badgers).

This was one of the best moments. The video isn't great, but that's Boo Weekely, doing the bull dance, a la "Happy Gilmore." Riding his driver right down the first fairway. On freaking Sunday of Ryder Cup singles matches. The most pressure-packed event in golf and Boo is channeling Adam Sandler.

Just outstanding. Boo ended up burying his opponent (Oliver Wilson from England) going something like 8 under on his round.

The reason that the U.S. was able to win this Ryder Cup, when they were heavy underdogs, was because they played loose. No tight booties on this team.


Goldy said...

I've seen Erik do that at the Ridge before. However, it was just in front of me and 2 other dopes, not thousands of people and a worldwide TV audience. Impressive.

Anonymous said...

They won because you-know-who wasn't there. Simple as that.

Although Stricker played awful for the most part.

Matt said...

Stricker wasn't great, but he contributed - that was a big 1/2 point he and Curtis won on Saturday with a clutch putt on 18 by Stricker.

He ran into a buzz saw on Sunday with Poulter. That guy was on fire all weekend. It was baffling to me that Faldo chose to use Poulter and McDowell late when they were his two best players during the weekend.

Been Cobra'd said...

I wonder what tiger's blog had to say about this weekend. He was pretty outspoken during the Open. Hmmmm