Monday, August 4, 2008

Trenni vs. Erin Andrews

Ok...who would win in a bikini-wearing mud wrestling contest: Trenni Kusnierek or Erin Andrews?

Not the point of this post...I just wanted to imagine that for a minute or so.

Drew Olson did a story over the weekend in which he got Trenni's take on the whole Erin Andrews thing, and it turned out great with some solid quotes from my girl:

"With that said, I still think reporters should hold themselves to the highest professional standard. I found her dress to be inappropriate for the workplace.

"I (and Jen Lada) wear skirts and sundresses to the park all the time, but both of us have a pretty simple rule that the outfit should always hit no higher than an inch or two above the knee. If I would wear it to a party, it's not appropriate for work.

"And I know what all the guys out there are going to say, 'Trenni is just being catty because she's jealous.' Trust me when I say I'm not. Erin is a beautiful girl with a body I'd kill for. I know she's hotter than me. But, she'd still be better looking in a professional outfit, not just in glorified lingerie.

As far as I'm concerned, Trenni hit the nail right on the head here. Everything she said was classic common sense. She even said, "I'm not an idiot and I know our gender is part of the reason we're employed." She laid it right on the line, admitting that part of the reason some female sports reporters have jobs is their looks. But while realizing that (& Erin Andrews was quoting as realizing her sex appeal as well), there is a classy way to go about things. Her last paragraph was perfect. Erin Andrews is still freaking hot even when she wears a professional outfit. She doesn't have to wear a revealing outfit.

As for me, there's nothing I enjoy better then watching a Brewer game or a Badger basketball game with several beers in me and having Trenni or Erin tell me what the coach just told them at halftime. That's the appeal to me. I like having a hot broad tell me something. She doesn't have to be wearing a mini-skirt or showing cleavage. So hey Erin, next time you are at Miller Park, wear something a little more professional, do an interview with Braun, and then switch to your sundress and meet me down at Bootlegger's on 3rd after the game.

So, kudos to Trenni for saying the right things. And Trenni, if you're reading this...don't kill anybody trying to get Erin's body. You're doing just fine.


Anonymous said...

I'll take Jen Lada over both of them.

Triumph said...

You said lay it on the line.

Dick said...

Woz - Give up the Trenni thing. I don't care what she says, she's just jealous because she couldn't pull off half the outfits Erin wears. That dress on Wednesday night was incredible.

Wrigleyville said...

nothing to do with trenni or erin, but though i should remind anonymous he/she was wrong again:

Anonymous said...
now the cubs will lose 6 of their next 7 like we did after sweeping the cards.

Anonymous said...

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