Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Padres should just forfeit tonight

It could seriously happen. The Padres might just call in sick tonight. I mean what's the point of even trying to go up against CC.

Oooooo...who are they countering with? Josh Banks? Yeah I hear he's pretty good. Too bad he's got less wins this season (3) then CC has complete games since he came to the NL (4). Suck on that biatch!

"Don't do it Zeus," you might be saying. "Don't give the Woz Guarantee. It hasn't been working lately (or ever). The Brewers struggle against sucky young pitchers. "

F that. This game is in the bag. Consider it Shipped. Bet your farm, houseboat, tool chest, & Goldy's wife's jewelry collection on the Brewers tonight. I give it THE WOZ GUARANTEE.

Side note: The Woz Guarantee will be semi-officially retired if the Brewers don't win tonight.


D'Amicos one good year said...

Don't say that! you might get a stray, angry Pads fan in here scolding us for saying our pitcher is better than his/hers!


Anonymous said...

Baseball is so unpredictable. You know that Woz! Whats the line 250?

Wrigleyville said...

"What the Brewers are about to do the next 4 days is show their dominance over the supposed "best team" in the NL. It's going to be a minimum of 3 wins, while most likely a sweep. That's how confident I am."

marshalledwards said...

"100 years is not that long of a drought."

Wrigleyville said...

marshall - who are you quoting?

Not so anonymous Jake said...

The Goat says: