Monday, August 4, 2008

Packers Camp Update

Here's a random amalgamation of how guys are looking through one week of camp and Family Night.

Gotta mention OJ, Part II. Anybody catch Fox's coverage preceding Family Night? Holy Crap. They had camera's on Brett as he boarded the plane in Mississippi. Then, periodically showed the flight tracker as it was headed to Green Bay, making comments like "He's now over Kentucky!" Of course the cameras were locked in as the plane landed at Austin-Straubel. Finally, in classic OJ style, Brett and Deanna jump into a SUV while a helicopter follows them (with police escort, mind you) from the airport to their house garage. It was like Jesus Christ was landing in Green Bay. It was so ridiculous, it was funny. Best moment of the ordeal: Scrolling across the bottom ticker was "Brett Favre's Airplane is now in Wisconsin airspace." Bwahahahaha!

-----The Good-----

- Ryan Grant has signed.

- Aaron Rodgers has looked pretty good in camp. He seems to have the proverbial "live arm" and has shown nice touch on deep balls.

- Brandon Jackson has been getting all kinds of praise. Could have been a ploy to get Grant into camp, but, by all accounts, he’s made tremendous strides since this time last year.

- Jonny Jolly has been coming on big time the last few days...especially on Family Night. He was a monster.

- Brandon Chillar has proven to be a fine LB in coverage. We need that...TE's killed GB last year.

- Chuck Peprah, and Aaron Rouse have been making plays.

- Jordy Nelson seems to be the real deal. Big, strong, fast, good hands, and smart. One coach (think it was Philbin) says he doesnt remember a WR picking up the X, Y, and Z positions so quickly.

- Trammy Williams has the nickle corner spot locked up.

- Young O-Linemen Josh Stitton, Allan Barbere, and Breno Giacomini have played well.

- The addition of Chillar, and the improved play of Desmond Bishop makes the LB corp much deeper than last year.

- James Jones, David Boston fan? Jones has a major edge in that battle because he’s had a full season at a position where rookies often struggle to make much of an impact – NFL passing games are far more complex and nuanced than in college. Jones, a surprise third-round pick last year, proved early in his rookie season he was a capable player and finished with 47 receptions (14.4-yard average), though he hit a rookie wall and had only seven catches in the last five regular-season games.

Still, he’s the strongest of the Packers’ receivers at 6-1 and 218 pounds – he did his bench-press test this offseason at the linebackers’ weight of 275 pounds instead of the 235 pounds the other receivers used, and his 13 repetitions put him at about the average strength for a linebacker, according to strength coach Rock Gullickson. Despite some drops late last season, Jones also is a natural hands catcher, which bodes well for his future.

- Mason Crosby is kicking the shit out of the ball. To this point, he's like 35-39 (%90) in the entire camp. Somewhere, Dave Rayner is banging his head. Jon Ryan has been fine.

-----The Bad-----

- The entire offense looked bad last night. 5 drops didn't help, and moving the ball vs the Packers defense isn't easy...but they need to get something going. Rodgers didn’t get anybody excited with his play.

- Rookie CB Pat Lee has looked like, well, a rookie CB. He did play good last night though.

- The DL is thin...especially if Jolly gets suspended. Harrell is hurt, shocking.

- Matt Flynn has not been good.

- Tony Moll and Orrin Thompson better pack their bags.

- Junius Coston is having trouble transitioning to Center. Scotty Wells is out (not serious) with a "Trunk Injury." WTF?

That's it for now...GO PACKERS!!


woziszeus said...

Currently only scared about the lack of depth on the DL. The Harrell injury coupled with Williams leaving is a serious blow. Hopefully we find another diamond in the rough...or Cullen Jenkins actually decides to play this year.

Bill said...

Brad, love how you cover the pack, need to do more of it on this site.

brad said...

Thanks Bill, I appreciate it.

It's hard to write about the team without mentioning the circus...which everyone is sick of.