Monday, August 4, 2008

Dave Bush - Lucky to be alive

OK, I was too busy whining and crying about how bad the Brewers are and how sick of the Packers I am to actually see the fight. I just watched for the first time on Wow. I'll withhold judgement because I have no clue what was going on or what was said. Just seeing that video, it doesn't look good for Prince and I will leave it at that.

Now, the aftermath. Dave Bush almost got flattened by Prince. If Prince hurts Parra and make Bush a pancake, he takes out 40% of the starting rotation. Excellent. I like that Kapler comes over and provides a line of defense in front of Parra. I like that Braun is yelling at Prince.

Most of all, I love that JJ appears to be going off on Prince. JJ usually seems quiet, but that was something to see Hardy show some emotion. I think he may be off my shit list after 3 years. So something good did come of this.

Parra just sat there like, what the fuck?

Seriously, Yost just sat there like a boob. Do something. Heck go sissy slap Parra as well. At least do something. Fuck, I never say fuck. I may finally be in the Yost has to go camp.

Finally, I can see why Griffey gave the throat slash gesture to the Reds color guy. He seems like a buffoon. I didn't know the Brewers were swept by the Mets last week.


AP said...

Yeah, but if Bush and JJ are the only line of defense between Prince & Parra, well let's face it Prince is getting to Parra.

I liked how it was basically the whole team tackling Prince, and they were still looking around like they might need a few more guys.

Anonymous said...

Yost's stupid comments to the media about them being rude for asking about it were hilarious. So they were just supposed to ignore it. Prince should have nailed Yost on his way to the clubhouse. Might have knocked some sense into him.

Anonymous said...

Where's the Yosted label??

Goldy said...

The more I think about this, the more I believe it really isn't a sign that the season is ending. I'm buying in to the "stuff like this happens" line of thinking.

Thinking back, I played baseball with generally the same group of guys from when I started playing at age 8 through high school. When we played a high school season followed by Legion ball, we were together just about every day from April through August. Yah, there were some dust-ups, including a pretty spectaular dugout fight at a tournement in LaCrosse. It happened, whatever. You don't have to like your teammates, just tolerate them when you are together.

I was a clubhouse manager for a minor league baseball team in 1999. Guys got in shoving and shouting matches all the time and it usually wasn't baseball related. Guys got in fights in the clubhouse over not paying bets back soon enough or accusing someone of stealing their chew. Stupid stuff like that. As long as they didn't ruin the excellent spread I provided, consisting of ham sandwiches, pickles, and if it was a good day, cookies, everybody just rolled with it. No big deal.

The Brewers will move on. This fight isn't going to be their undoing. It's the 10-104 with RISP over the last 13 games that will do them in. They need to all go out and find some slump busters.

Matt said...

I think people need to take a deep breath. This wasn't really a big deal, unless Prince broke Parra. Which it seemed like he was consciously trying not to do.

I bet Parra said something smart ass to Prince. He looks like a smart ass.

Wrigleyville said...

matt - don't you think prince has been acting a little, um, off lately?

Matt said...

I'm sure Prince appreciates your concern, WV.

Maybe you should send him a card.

marshalledwards said...

Right after he sends Glendon Rusch a card that says "way to go, way to fight back."

D'Amicos one good year said...

Well, there's always the positive to look at- Despite the fact that the Brewers are imploding, they still have a 1/2 game lead for the wild card.

Honestly, we were due for a let-down. They'd been playing exceptional baseball since they got their lunch handed to them by the red sox, so the downswing was going to happen eventually. Hopefully it will all even out soon enough that they don't piss away the wild card.