Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nationals Park West?

I'm pretty sure this photo was taken during the middle of a Nationals game earlier this year...must've been between innings
The Brewers and their fans are bracing themselves for a raucous atmosphere this weekend as they welcome the Washington Nationals and their ravenous fans to Miller Park. According to the Brewers team website, "limited tickets -- single seat, obstructed view and standing room only -- remain for all four games of the Nationals series."
So far in 2008, Washington has averaged a cool 29,946 fans per game in their brand-spanking-new ballpark. But don't let those numbers fool you.
"I just hope our fans stick up for us for once this year," said outfielder Corey Hart. "We know the Nationals fans will be out in force."
The Brewers are unveiling a "take back Miller Park" campaign this weekend. Ned Yost hopes to avoid another "four game party" for Nationals fans this weekend.
Brewers fans are pumped for the series.
"I'm planning on throwing a can at a bus full of Nationals fans and hopefully getting my ass kicked," said some dolt from West Allis. "It's gonna be awesome."


D'Amico's one good year said...

Awesome, Awesome satire.

Thank you.

Wrigleyville said...

don't mock corey hart.

brad said...

That's why you're the journalism major of the group.

ClownShipLollypop. said...

Hahaha nice.

I will try not to get into a fight with the one nationals "Fan" that is wearing a jersey just for spite.

The big W obviously doesn't stand for WIN.

Although, our home record as of late has been shittoriffic.

Ralph Wiggum said...

How dare you mock Nats' Nation.

What is up with the Brewers still having obstructed view seats? Isn't Miller Park supposed to be, y'know, kinda new?

The technology has existed for quite some time now to build parks that don't have steel beams in front of some seats.