Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I think Tom H. wants Kendall to take a break

Here are 3 questions/answers from yesterday's Brewer mailbag with Tom Haudricourt.

Q: Mark of Kimberly WI - I understand why Ned will give guys days off in order to keep his bench sharp but why does he have to do it all on the same day? It's almost as if when they get the first 2 of a series they will sacrifice the sweep so Ned can play some of his bench. Your thoughts?

A: Brewers Mailbag - Well he certainly doesn't give them all off on the same day because he hasn't given Jason Kendall a day off in a very long time, no matter how hot the weather is or how bad Kendall is going at the plate.

Q: Eugene Mannarino of Bronx NY - Hi Guys when is the heck is Ned going to give Kendall a break behind the plate.

A: Brewers Mailbag - Ned might give Kendall a day off if the guy collapses on the field. Short of that, he seems intent on running the guy into the ground.

Q: Ryan of Grafton - Why does Rivera not see more time? Besides the fact he's hitting better then Kendall (albeit a small sample size), aren't the coaches worried Kendall will get worn out if they end up making the postseason?

A: Brewers Mailbag - As I noted above, the plan must be to drive Kendall into the ground. Otherwise, it makes little sense.

I like that Tom H. is sticking it to Yost here. Yost always states that Kendall is one of those guys that can "play every day" and he sees no reason to change it when Kendall says he can do it. Well its apparent Kendall wants to play everyday, irregardless of how he actually feels or performs.

Take a look at his splits: For christ's sake...give the guy a day or two off! Over the last month he is OPS-ing .411! Gasp! Egad! That is putrid! Now...his BABIP has been very low as well the past month (.148), but his bottom line numbers can't be ignored.

Judge rules: Give Jason Kendall a day off.


StormShadow said...

Even If Kendall was a spry 25 year old it would be far to much playing time. I think he needs a mental rest as much as he does a physical rest. What really pisses me off is when we're down 3 runs in the ninth inning with 2 men on base and Jed Toast refuses to put Rivera in as a pinch hitter for Kendall. Yost is awesome.

Ned Yost said...

Why give him a day off? That would make too much sense.

Matt said...

...aaaaaaaand Kendall is starting again tonight, for the 57th straight game (or something like that).

Can anyone tell me why Reds killer Bill Hall has not been in the lineup in this series yet? Do we really think Counsell is a better option there?

D'Amicos one good year said...

I would like Tom H. to take a day off...

And I want more Bill Hall. If Special Ned wants Counsell in the lineup so bad, put him at 2nd.