Friday, August 1, 2008

Huntsville Stars making a run at Brett Favre

In a surprise move today, the Huntsville Stars, the Milwaukee Brewers Double-A affiliate, made a strong push to acquire disgruntled formerly retired Green Bay Packer QB Brett Favre.

Huntsville GM Buck Rogers states a very strong case for the trade on both sides:

"We have a very dedicated and loyal staff here in Huntsville," Stars' General Manager Buck Rogers said. "We know Favre would be an asset to our organization, and believe that the loyalty and dedication of our interns is much needed in Green Bay. Additionally, as a Wisconsinite, this trade would effectively end the distractions surrounding Favre's possible return to the Packers and allow the team to go on with their preparation for the upcoming football season."

If the deal is approved by the Packers, they will receive 2 full-time interns, plus an intern to be named later. There is also talk of an old Matt LaPorta jersey being in as well.

Of course, this deal could all be nixed by Brett Favre, who has the right to block any trade.

Click here to see the formal offer.

Well done Huntsville...well done indeed.


woziszeus said...

Good work Matt on the find...

thecobra said...

There is a picture out there from like 97/98 with Brett in a Brewers jersey.