Friday, August 1, 2008

Check Yourself, Corey

As a glutton for punishment, I wanted to hear what the Brewers had to say after this debacle of a series against Chicago.

So I went here.

Have a listen to Corey Hart's comments, in particular. Go to the 1:20 mark, if you're inpatient. Basically calling out the Milwaukee fans for not supporting their team.

"Maybe our fans will stick up for us one of these days."

I've got an idea, Corey - how about making contact once in a while, or even (gasp!) getting a hit to drive in a run. Or don't get down early in every single game, thereby taking the Brewers fans at the game out of it and giving the Cubs fans something to cheer about.

You know why there were mostly Cubs fans in attendance at the end of the game yesterday? Chants of "Sweep"? Because it was 11 to freaking 1. And you were getting swept. Brewers fans who were there probably said, eh, f it, I'm going back to work. Or going back to the bar. Or going far away from the stink emanating from the home dugout.

If it was 11 to 1 Brewers, going for a sweep of the Cubs, you think things would have been different?

Yeah, it sucks that lots of Cubs fans go to games at Miller Park. But lots of Brewers fans go to Wrigley Field for those games too, and they cheer loud when the Brewers do something good.

Too bad the Brewers didn't do anything good for 4 consecutive games. Cubs fans had lots to cheer about.



D'Amicos one good year said...

-"Maybe our fans will stick up for us one of these days."- Corey Hart.

Says the man who was an All-Star because of the support of his teams fan-base.

Says the man who has made me year for Jeromy Burnitz for the last two weeks.

Says the man who the fans will still support despite his public self-urination during the Cubs series.


BTW- There was also a larger percentage of Cub fans at yesterdays game because it was a day game.

D'Amicos one good year said...

"Yearn", not "year". Drunk already, I guess. Or still.

Goldy said...

Yah, Corey, I think fans stuck up for you by voting you to the All Star Game. I am pretty sure it wasn't random fans in Texas voting for you because the only people who know who Hart is outside of NL Central territory are those who associate him with "Sunglasses at Night".

Corey has played like ass since the break. He had a bomb agaoinst Lincecom, but outside of that, his offense and defense have been brutal.

I also think Brewers fans were making some noise after the Hardy Braun shots on Monday, but outside of that, the fans had nothign to cheer about.

AP said...

Corey, can I get my 200 All Star votes that I entered for you back?

Maybe our team will stick up for the fans one of these days......

The Sarge said...

-"Maybe our fans will stick up for us one of these days."- Corey Hart.

Says the man whose girly All-Star throw cost the NL homefield advantage in the World Series.

Anonymous said...

it was just one comment thrown out there at a time where everyone is frustrated. no need to make it into something bigger than it really is, not that it will stop you all...

StormShadow said...

I heard this a little different... It seemed obvious that he was joking when he said that. Whoever the reporter was that was interviewing him started to laugh, so he must have been smiling or showing that he was joking. I think Corey knows how much the fans voted for him.

We got smoked at home by our rival down the block, everyone is pissed, emotions are running high. The Crew needs our support more than ever.

I tend to agree with him on the lack of Brewers fans at the games. Moron season ticket holders need to stop selling their tickets to people south of the border. Obviously, the "Take back Miller Park" initiative didn't get through to people.

D'Amicos one good year said...

Yay, anonymous is back to police out fandom! I wouldn't know what to think if he didn't tell me!

Yes, everyone is frustrated. Including the fans. So as he can just throw his comment out there, as you said, so may I.

D'Amicos one good year said...


That's fair.

And remember, a lot, no, a TON of seats are bought by brokers and companies in blocks who have little to no interest in the state of Brewer fandom. A seats just a business write-off.

But yeah, emotions are high. People are touchy. Isn't awesome?!?! For once (other than last year) these games actually matter. We can actually CARE, as opposed to the usual late-summer WI mindset of "at least the Packer's season starts soon". I'd rather be a bit touchy and amped than have to sit through another summer of Moutons.

Matt said...

Stormshadow, I heard that as an uncomfortable, "did he really just say that?" laugh from the reporter.

But who knows.

I'm just crabby.