Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Darrell Green: Douchebag

Former Skins CB Darrell Green was just inducted into the Hall of Fame. Great player, great player. But, did anybody hear is comment about today's players? He claims there are only 2 current NFLers who are hall of fame worthy. Two? Really? I bet you could pick any NFL season in the last 75, and there would be way more that two HOF's playing that year. No doubt. And when Green says two, I'm guessing he meant Favre and Brady. So, none of the following guys are HOF worthy? Peyton Manning, Ray Lewis, Marvin Harrison, Derrick Brooks, Jason Taylor, LaDanian Tomlinson, Orlando Pace, Walter Jones, Tony Gonzalez, Adam Vinitiari, Randy Moss, etc.... Please


Goldy said...

Seriously, have you seen some of the busters in the pro football HoF? It isn't like baseball where you have to be at the top of the game for many years to get in.
I understand that a career is much shorter in the NFL than the bigs, but 3 or 4 really good, not great, seasons makes you a candidate for the NFL HoF. As Brad listed, there are easily 10 or so guys playing this season who will be ion the Hall. Heck add Junior Seau to that list.

Travis said...


I agree with what you are saying. And that pains me, because I don't like to agree with you since I think your a Douchebag.

StormShadow said...

I agree that there are more than 2 worthy players; however, I disagree with your list.

LaDanian Tomlinson? Great player. Loser, Cry baby. He will be out of the league in 3 years along with Reggie greatest bust of all Bush.

Ray Lewis?! I'm pretty sure they will make a rule just for this low life that states "Piece of shit murderous felons need not apply" Maybe he and Pacman jones can get together and "Make it rain Felony convictions"

Randy Moss? I would agree that he is worthy, but there's no way in hell he'll ever get voted in.

I'm surprised you didn't say Ricky Williams...

brad said...

Ray Lewis is in, no matter how many people he kills.

Tomlinson's in as well. Check out the numbers. He already has more TDs (3rd all time) than Walter Payton...and with another 1,400 yds rushing this year, he'll be top 10 all time. He's a lock.

As for "most blunts smoked per week" a NFL stat? It probably could be.

travis said...

Brad's a douche bag, hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha, ha