Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to the Bench

Well, Ryan Braun appears to have reinjured himself last night after striking out.

I have a solution for this little problem, Ryan: Stop swinging and missing.

I predict that obviously, Braun will miss the next 5 games.


ClownShipLollypop. said...

I'd hate to lose Braun to the DL, but I think it's time. I'd rather seem him sit for 15 games and come back for the final push.

letting him play and continuing to re-injure himself probably isn't a good strategy.

Obviously, losing Braun is huge, but if this team can't withstand 15games without Braun then they are not ready for primetime.

Anonymous said...

The problem with a DL stint is that this seems to be the type of injury that isn't going to heal until the offseason, so he sits 15 days and then he comes back with a good chance he'll reinjure it soon after. Just keep him on the roster, let him play when he feels healthy enough and go from there. If it's a "play 2, sit 4, play 3, sit 5" type of thing that's still better than "sit 15, play 3, sit 15 play 4".

garcia said...

He must have been hanging out with Marissa Miller again... gotta keep the women away from Brauny during the season or we'll deal with lower back pain all year!!

AP said...

With all of the off days coming up, if the DL'd him he'd "only" miss 12 games. 12 games w/o Braun would suck, but it's the absolute right time of the year to do it if it needs to be done.