Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Astros 2008 R.I.P.?

If you believe this game thread from over at the Crawford Boxes, the Brewers just ended Houston's season with today's victory over the Astros.

Not that I take any particular pleasure in that - I don't hold any ill will towards the Astros. Except when they're trying to make the playoffs instead of the Brewers. Personally I thought their season was over quite a while ago, especially when Lee got hurt, though they have been rather hot lately.

I say, buck up Houston. You have 6 games left with the Cubs and 3 left with St. Louis - now go get some wins.


Wrigleyville said...

i think cecil should lose his job over this. he said something would happen and only 1/3 of it did. he obviously doesn't know his work.

Todd said...

And make sure to start Oswalt twice a series vs. St. L and Chitown.

D'Amico's one good year said...

The Astros were alive?!?! Why didn't I get the memo?

Explain to me again why you would trade a solid young outfielder for a 40 year old? I know they were planning on a outfield of Pence, Bourn, and Lee, but isn't Bourn really just an Alex Sanchez type?