Monday, July 14, 2008

WTF? Braun's Meatball Pitcher...His Agent?


And don’t you love it when the players bring in a “ringer” to lob them pitches? While some sluggers call upon their third base coach or a bullpen catcher, Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun is bringing his agent…

Agent Nez Balelo goes to great lengths to serve his clients, even if it means showing off his fastball in front of over 50,000 baseball fans.

Balelo, a one-time Seattle Mariners prospect who now works on the other side of the white lines, will be the pitcher for the Brewers’ Ryan Braun in the State Farm Home Run Derby on Monday at Yankee Stadium.

…Balelo, a longtime friend of Braun’s, might be the first agent to give it a try.

“What can I say?” Balelo said. “It will probably be the biggest stage that the two of us will ever be on. We’re going to cherish every moment of it.”


Anonymous said...

He throws to guys in the offseason, so it should be no problem.

My greatest fear though is he misses down in the dirt and outside and Braun whiffs, lol.

Matt said...

Gagne had prior commitments.

Balelo was the next best option.

manbearpig said...

He should have had Mota.