Monday, July 14, 2008

Wisconsinites Enjoy Drinking

The Green Bay Press-Gazette has taken time out of Favrewatch 2008 to run a series called: "State of Drinking: How Our Love Of Alcohol Shapes Our Cultural Landscape."

Looking at the rankings from this map, Wisconsin puts up these respectable numbers (among others):
Overall Ranking - 1st out of all 50 states
Binge and Heavy Drinking - 1
Underage Drinking - 2
Arrests for Alcohol Related Crimes - 4
Liquor Licenses Per Capita - 4

BUT...when it comes to Drunk Driving Fatalities, Wisconsin is only 11th. I say kudos fellow Wisconsinites! We sure like to moose down drinks, but we've (for the most part) learned how to drive while doing so!
Personally, I think this guy was the main influence on our surprisingly good driving record.

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Beer Wolf said...

#1 in drinking, but #49 in the beer tax. Nice!

You would think that Doyle, given his love of taxing things, would notice that he could exploit this a little bit more. Maybe adding a "user fee" per can/barrel of beer.