Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vegas Prop Bet update...

The following bets were placed by WozisZeus at the Harrah's sportsbook in Vegas this past weekend. Practically all of them are locks.

-As promised, I placed a cool Benjamin on the Brewers to win the NLCS. I got 6-1. Not bad I thought. Current Predication on bet: LOCK. Woz Guarantee.
-$10 on the Atlanta Braves to take the NLCS. 22 - 1. Current Predication on bet: Praying it doesn't happen cause it means the Crew didn't take it.
-$5 on the Texas Rangers to win the ALCS. 75 -1. Wow...I saw this and had to have action on it. Odds are too good for an over .500 team. They have to take down the Angels though so I don't see it happening. Current Prediction on bet: Definite long shot...but it'll be a nice ship.
-$5 on Mr. Richard Sterne to win the British Open. 125 - 1. I took a flyer on this to have random action on the British. The South African responded by opening up today with a +8 round of 78. Thanks Dick! Prediction: K BYE $5!

Other Vegas dealings:
Craps: Lost in 7 out of 8 sessions (ie...I got effing slammed). - $1,100.
Poker: Won 2 out 3 sessions. Played 1-2 NLHE for about 8 hours and also had a fun 6-12 limit H.O.R.S.E. session where I took down about $75. + $200 overall in Poker.
Other: Various table games, food, tips, blow: -$400
Overall: -$1,300 trip...which was within my I'm ok with it.

Also got propositioned for dirty hotel sex by a 33 year old cougar prosititute with GI-normous cans at 5am when walking back along the Strip from the Venetian. I politely declined, but thought about my decision all the way back to my room.


marshalledwards said...

Excellent summary. But ending with you finishing off the cougar would have been a better ending. Next time.

Anonymous Adam said...

Blow?!?! Where you so inspired by Hamilton's performance that you decided to start doing kickers in Vegas

Anonymous said...

Nice. Going back to Vegas in September (if Midwest is still in business by then...)

garcia said...

How did you know she was 33? Did you ask for her license or did you count the rings on her trunk?