Friday, July 18, 2008

The Shark

For those of you who don't follow golf that much...there is a great story happening right now over at the British Open. Somehow...SOMEHOW...Greg Norman has somehow shot back to back even par rounds and is now the current LEADER of the event as the 2nd round continues.

I find this absolutely incredible. It's so incredible it's actually a little absurd. Greg Norman is 53 years old. He doesn't play golf anymore! He hasn't played competitively in like...8 years. 3 weeks ago he rented out an entire island in the Bahamas or something and got married to Chris Evert. Check out his quotes this week when they ask him how much he practices anymore or even plays:
"Yeah, my expectations were almost nil coming in, to tell you the truth. I hadn't played a lot of golf. I was trying to work on my game as much as I could. Obviously we had a lot of preparation getting ready for the wedding. "We had a great time over there, so the least of my worries was getting out there practising and hitting golf balls and getting ready for the British Open."

He went out in 70 70. Look on the bottom of the leaderboard. You'll see names like Mickelson, Singh, Els, Stricker...current WORLD CLASS players that are getting owned on the course right now. It's just awesome.

So keep this in mind over the weekend. This is going to be a HUGE story all day today and leading up to tomorrow. If he can somehow shoot a decent 3rd round and go into Sunday in the top 5 (or even hold the lead) it'll be just a crazy story in the golf world. Greg Norman winning this thing will be the greatest golf story ever: better then Nicklaus winning the Masters at age 46, better then Tiger winning the US Open without a knee, better then Todd Hamilton winning the British (ok...scratch that last one).

And if he chokes it away on the back 9 on God that will be even better tv.


manbearpig said...

check him for 'roids.

Mrs. Green said...

Duval making a run too....sumbitch couldn't even break 80 on his home course 5 years ago. Vertigo is a bitch.

Could be as big a story as Norman.