Thursday, July 24, 2008

My High Life Guy Story

Last year I was up in Madison for the Wisconsin/Iowa game. This is always the biggest game of the year for me since my dislike of the Hawkeyes is well known amongst my friends. Living in Iowa City for 2 years will do that to people.

Anyhow, the Good Senator likes to stop at the Rocky's tailgate on Regent prior to the game to visit with family members. We had the added bonus of having Super Doppler with us. As we are sitting at the gathering, I am watching the Brewers/Braves game that is going on. This was the second to last Saturday of the MLB season. Yes, this was a game the Brewers pissed away in extra innings.

So, while we are at the tailgate, the High Life guy shows up in a big High Life delivery truck. He walks in and immediately is surrounded by people. People are offering to buy him beers and all the college girls run up to him and give him a hug. Not a bad gig. I have no desire to talk to the guy and state, "The only way I will take a photo with him is if J.J. Hardy hits a homer this at-bat." Two pitches later, Hardy hits a bomb and I now have the above photo as part of my collection.


Anonymous said...

what ever happened to super doppler? he's probably gone on to a better weather location...

Anonymous said...

He's on the NBC station in Kansas City