Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Shoes. Shoes For My Friends.

Wow! Did that really just happen? Amazing.

Have I ever told anyone my theory about Braun not being "clutch"? I think I might have to retire that after tonight's game. He took a nice look at his shot as well. Great times against the Cards. I guess it also helps to have custom kicks from C2 Customs if you want to hit game winning bombs against St. Louis.

As we move into a 7 game homestand, the Brewers have to be sure to not let the momentum slip away after the stellar road trip. To do that they are going to have to hit better with RISP and figure out what is up with Corey Hart. Then again, game winning bombs in the 9th work fine too.


manbearpig said...

Look for LaVodka to order a "hit" on Braunny and possibly Bill Hall in the final (2) games against the Cards next month.

Not so anonymous Jake said...

It's not that they have to hit better with RISP, they have to get a hit period! I hope the bats wake up at home.

brad said...

Braun is just a flat out stud. Big, huge, Gibraltar-sized rocks.

As he was leaking out of the box, you could see him thinking "man, how many cougars am I gonna tame tonight?"

Matt said...

Right now the Brewers are in scoring position when standing in the batter's box, especially late in games.

Anonymous said...

I had no problem with Braun strutting after the HR. For the last few months he's toned that down and simply looks down and starts jogging. This was a big HR and so admiring it is no problem.

Maybe if LaVodka's boys could actually hit a few, they could have admired them too.