Friday, July 11, 2008

The Kiss of Death

From Jayson Stark's latest column:
• LaPorta authority: As we surveyed various clubs about the CC Sabathia deal, it was interesting to hear the split among AL and NL teams about the centerpiece player, Matt LaPorta. Most AL teams see him as the middle-of-the-order, next-Travis-Hafner-type bat the Indians envision him to be. NL teams, on the other hand, focus more on his lack of a true position. And one NL executive said he isn't even sold on LaPorta's bat.

"I've seen him since college, and I've never been a Matt LaPorta guy," the scout said. "I think he's just going to be a Kevin Mench type. Stiff actions, with power obviously. But not real athletic. I sure don't see him the way they see him."

Dear God. Comparisons to Kevin Mench? You might as well refer to him as the next Wes Helms, or Butch Huskey...

To be fair, this is just one scout giving his opinion, so who the hell knows. But he's sold me with the Kevin Mench name drop.

Good luck living up to expectations Matt!

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Joey Meyer said...

Butch Huskey was awesome