Monday, July 21, 2008

Fall Practice Starts Early In Iowa City

Frosh Defensive End Riley Reiff was starting the season early by doing some wind 2:45 AM...with the Po-Po chasing behind. Story.

Ah, now we know the reason. He's from Parkston, South Dakota. Nothing good ever comes from South Dakota, right Matt?

Ferentz has been collecting more arrests than wins lately. Iowa is a very Indiana-like 12-13 in the last two years.


Goldy said...

There is some bad stuff going on with the Iowa football program right now. Somethng like 18 arrests over the past 2 or 3 years and a big scandal that is finally getting play in the Iowa press. Potential cover up of a sexual assult by the Athletic Department. My Hawkeye friends are pretty down about the team right now. That loss to Western Michigan at the end of last year isn't helping any. Ferentz, who was once thought to be untouchable is feeling the heat.
Unfortunately in my two years in Iowas City, I never ran through the Pita Pit naked.
And I am also not trying to say that the Badgers are perfect. They have their fair share of this stuff, but Iowa has just been on a roll lately with this sort of stuff.

Matt said...

He was probably just running back to South Dakota, because it's so awesome.