Monday, July 21, 2008

Billy Hall and His Magic Shoes

Who wears fresh kicks like this in the clubhouse?

Well, none other than game winning homer hitter and admirer Billy Hall!

Solid shot by Billy and I think he can look forward to a high and tight pitch tomorrow if he starts. Are we beginning to think that Billy is going to start seeing more time against righties? Branyan has come back to earth and Billy is doing a little better. I'm thinking they may start splitting time against right handers. Billy has to start tomorrow after the game winning shot today, doesn't he?
This game was a must for one particular reason. You can't blow a game in which Mota and Gagne throw back to back scoreless innings. Well, I guess they did temporarily blow it, but still, good to see those guys get out of their innings. The only unfortunate part is that Mota will stick around longer. But hey, if he is not tipping his pitches, he may be of some use.

Weeks. Well, a big 3 run shot and a solid shot up the middle in the 10th, but that bottom of the 9th was brutal. Durham probably doesn't make those plays either, but its because he can't move worth a lick. If you could take Weeks' range and Durham's hands, we would have a decent defensive 2B.

Would like to point out the Billy Hall custom shoes are from a place called C2 Customs. Looks like they customize old school shoes for you. Riske has a pair just like Hall's. They also have a sweet pair they made for Braun and some for Prince honoring his 50 homers. If I won the lottery I would probably spend the money on a pair, but for the time being, I'll keep running around in my 4 year old Nike Shox that smell like a dumpster. Thanks to the Jim Powell Blog on for the tip on the shoes.


Anonymous said...

And the Cubs lose despite Harden pitching 1-hit ball through 7.

Hey Cubs fans, that was supposed to be 1 of the 2 "added wins" that Harden was going to give you - you blew it, lol. Only a 2 game lead.

Anonymous said...

Gagne isn't giving up a ran after the All Star break we will be the closer by Sept 1, and Game over will be blaring at Miller Park all month

Little League Defense said...

Rickie Weeks Sucks

Matt said...

Without sounding like I'm making excuses for Weeks, that nubber that LaRue hit looked like it had a tremendous amount of spin on it. I can see why he coudln't get a good grip on that ball. It was just a goofy play.

Crash Davis said...

Grounder with eyes