Tuesday, July 1, 2008

F_ _ _!

Was there really any doubt that the 7-1 lead wouldn't hold up? It's up to 7-5 now and I think it's time for bed. The Brewers are the worst at protecting large leads and the best at shuttign the bats down after a couple early runs.


Anonymous said...

We win, thanks to Mikey Rivera. I say we give him Prince's money. He's a catcher and a decent 1B.

And the Giants are about to blow it to the Cubs.

Goldy said...

Hey, looks like I was wrong. I'll take that.

And I dislike J.J. a little less of late.

Anonymous said...

Not with Soup on the mound. He's a modern day Jeff Juden.

Matt said...

Bill Hall also contributed to that win on defense.

That was a fairly incredible play.

Ms. Johnson said...

It was time for bed? I thought grade schools were out for the summer.