Friday, June 6, 2008

We've got Dykstra!

Ladies & Gentlemen...the Cutter Dykstra era has begun!

Hilarious. The Brewers just can't seem to not draft sons of former all-stars. Here's a good article in the NY Times about Cutter and the Dykstra family in general. In case you were wondering...he definitely fits the "stereotype" of his father.

“Everything is baseball to me,” he said. “Even when I’m in school, if I’m taking too many notes, I worry about my eyes and my arm.”

Priorities Cutter! Atta boy! Tell that History teacher not to talk too fast!

Just for shits & are a couple links about his ridiculous father. I can't find the link to the funniest tv segment of all time (His HBO REAL SPORTS segment), so I was able to find this old commercial. Enjoy!

Besides Dykstra and the Canadian that were drafted...the rest of the Brewer picks in the first 62 went to pitchers (2 high school...2 college). Hopefully they work out better than AP's boy J.M. Gold.

For a full list of the Brewers draft picks they picked yesterday, click here.


Zeek said...

I think it's great we get young Cutter to the Crew.

Just in case anyone's wondering what ol' Lenny is up to:

Just watch the video, I think Lenny will be fine even if Cutter doesn't make it.

The dude is loooooaded.

matt said...

I liked this quote from his proud papa:

"Cutter's got thunder to all fields"

Not so anonymous Jake said...

I think the Crew will have to draft Iceman, and Goose just on principal in the later rounds. I'll be pulling for ole Maverick to be tossing in the Brewers pen someday.

AP said...

I remember I bumped my head about a year ago. In my stupor, did I fiercely tout JM Gold without any recollection of it now? HA!

(Cough, Cough) Zach Jackson (Cough, Cough)

Krey said...

AP, that explains a few things about some of your comments on here!!! I'm actually kind of in the mood to get into a senseless debate today, let me know if you have anything!

AP said...

It depends, am I taking on the tag team of Woz & Krey, or are we just going to do a free for all royal rumble style? I'll debate anything if you like.....

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all on the Draft of Cutter! You will all be amazed about his determination! He will be better than his dad! He is way stronger and wants to live up to his name! I am shocked that the NY Mets or the Philadelphia Phillies did not scoop him up!