Friday, June 13, 2008

Potential Twins Brawl?

Most of you guy's already have read this probably, but check out this article written by Adam McCalvy...

"'Gumby' turned the double play and then he started beating on Lombardozzi," Sveum said with a chuckle. "All hell broke loose. Our whole dugout flew out. I remember seeing Rob Deer grab [Twins pitcher] Joe Niekro, throw him through the air and separated [Niekro's] shoulder. Rick Manning ran out of the dugout, jumped on Hrbek's back and Hrbek was carrying him around the field. You don't see those things anymore."

First of all, that is just awesome. Can you imagine sitting there as Sveum is telling that story in between spitting out kodiak? There needs to be more stories written about stuff like that in my opinion.

Sveum is right though. None of that old school stuff happens anymore.

Is it possible this weekend with our old rivals in town? Here is what I want to see happen off the top of my head this weekend sometime at Miller Park:

With two outs...Braun rips a double to left-center. He stupidly tries to steal third and is tagged out by Nick Punto. Punto says, "Nice try star." Braun throws his helmet and when walking away says, "Your wife thinks about me when she's doing you."
Punto is pissed. He goes back into the dugout and tells Livan Hernandez what happened. Livan tells Punto, "I got your back." With two outs in the next inning Joe Dillon gets drilled in the ribs. Livan takes two steps towards home plate and spits when asking for a new ball. Dillon sees it, but casually takes his base. Counsell hits a weak grounder to second for a lazy fielder's choice to end the inning at second. But nooooo...Dillon takes out Adam Everett. Everett gets in Dillon's face. Dillon shoves him in the chest and is immediately taken down by Michael Cuddyer who was sprinting in from the outfield. The benches clear. Counsell...who was in short right field after running through first base...goes on a dead sprint and form tackles Mike Lamb (who Counsell admits after he has secretly loathed him for several years...refusing to say why). Seth McClung leads the charge from the bullpen and goes right at Livan Hernandez. He barrels into his waist but Livan holds him down there and starts punching his back. Braun...seeing this happening...cold clocks Livan right in his temple and drops him. McClung (free from Livan's grip) stands up and lets out a primal scream, which is captured brilliantly in slow motion.

There's a good chance that will happen sometime this weekend.


Matt said...

I bet Justy Morneau could lay some thunder.

Plus you might see Delmon Young throw a bat at somebody if that madness took place.

Krey said...

Good thing Delmon Young can't hit anything with a bat! Good stuff Woz

Goldy said...

Hopefully this happens tonight when I am at the game.
I always like Loretta as well. Wasn't he the one the had transfer the flag from County to Miller Park after the last County home game?

Anonymous said...

Great post. I was at that Twin-Brewer game brawl referred to, and recall it fondly, the only game I've ever been to where the benches emptied. Good times.