Friday, June 13, 2008

Homestand predictions

After salvaging a .500 road trip, the Brewers return to Miller Park for another 9 game homestand. The last 9 game homestand went pretty well. An 8-1 record against the Braves, Astros and Diamondbacks.

The Brewers welcome the AL and our natural rival and a two old AL East rivals. It looks like the Brewers will miss Roy Halladay since he is pitching tomorrow and the Jays have an off day on Monday.

Anyhow, anything less than 6-3 will be a bust in my mind. The Brewers need to make some hay here before setting out on a road trip that takes them from Atlanta to Minnesota to Arizona. Yah, that is a logical road trip.

So, what is your prediction for the homestand?


Woz said...

I'm hoping for 7-2. Sweep of the Orioles and basic series' wins against the Twins and Blue Jays.

AP said...

Sheets only pitches once in the homestand, unless they start skipping guys and they haven't done that yet. I'd say 6-3 would be fantastic, and 5-4 would be just barely acceptable. Unfortunately I will get to witness a Dave Bush loss tonight.

ned said...

Bushie pitches well at home

Anonymous said...

6-3. One sweep, one 2-1 series win and one 1-2 series loss.

And the way this team is playing, I have no idea which team these 3 outcomes will come against.

matt said...

Sorry, I was just channeling Ned there for a second.

6-3 sounds about right to me.

For some reason, the roof is open right now. Surprising, since the area has been getting just a little bit of rain over the past few days.

matt said...

Even if Milwaukee misses Halladay, they don't miss Marcum and McGowan. Both right handed strikeout machines. McGowan throws straight gas.

Not good matchups for Milwaukee - I'm guessing they struggle against Toronto (although the Jays offense is fairly pitiful).

Krey said...

The Brewers need to get ON FIRE...NBA Jam style! I say 7-2. Ryan Braun vs. a hurricane who would win? I feel like we're on SNL.