Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gasp! Sheets to Test the Free Agent Market!

Why is this story a surprise to anyone?

Really? Because the Brewers didn't negotiate an extension with him last offseason, Ben Sheets is going to test the free agent market?

If the Brewers would have offered a big money extension to Sheets in the offseason, Brewers fans would have been called for Melvin's head due to his gross incompetence. What a waste of money! He always gets hurt! Blah blah blah.

But now that Sheets has produced a sterling first half with only one minor injury, people are falling all over themselves in terror that the Brewers are going to lose Sheets.

You know what? I'd hate to lose Sheets. He's the only guy on this team with ace stuff when he's right (Gallardo included).

But I'm also resigned to the fact that he'll probably be somebody else's injury headache for the next several years, because Milwaukee has been down that road before with Ben. They're not going to give him $18 million a year. It just isn't going to happen. Somebody else probably will. It's hard to find a true #1 starter, which is why he's going to get paid.

Would it be nice if he gave the Brewers a "home town" discount because of the last 4 injury-ravaged years he spent as a highly compensated Brewer? Sure. But we know that's not going to happen either. He has pitched just enough, and shown ace stuff when healthy, to entice some team to sign him to the big deal, injuries be damned.

Because we root for the Brewers, a team that can't afford to make an $18 million a year mistake, I've accepted the fact that Sheets will be pitching for somebody else next year.


woziszeus said...

I wouldn't even make a token offer to Ben Sheets. It's just a waste of everyone's time and it would be a stupid move on our team to lock up that sort of money for an extended period of time to an injury prone pitcher.

Ben Sheets is gone next year. Next topic.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that we pack MP with almost 3 million people the last 2 years and yet we *still* can't keep our guys when they become free agencey.

Letting Sheets go is likely to cost this team 8-10 wins next year, plus probably a half million fans who won't go to see a losing team.

Anonymous said...

OK then Woz, are you open to trading Ben in the near future to get something for him ? Or else he'll just disappear at the end of the season like a fart in the wind. And that's not too productive. Thoughts.....

woziszeus said...

NO anonymous...I don't want to trade the guy who is possibly going to win the freaking NL CY YOUNG on a team that is currently 9 games over .500 and game and a half out of the playoffs.

I want to make it into the Playoffs this year. Without Ben Sheets (whether he goes down in injury or traded) there is no possibility of that happening.

We need to enjoy this year and the success that Sheets is having. Hopefully he stays healthy and it's enough to get into the playoffs.

You probably want to trade Prince Fielder too.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think we should trade Ryan Braun, he makes too much money right now, and that was stupid to sign him to a long term deal. As you would quote Woz "we own his soul for another 5 years." Signing him too that much money was dumber then signing world champion Eric Gange.

AP said...

Trading Fielder now =Dumb.

Fine, agreed. We get it.

But trading Fielder sometime in the future.....say 2010, makes sense wouldn't you say?

Especially since we we'll absolutely need pitching by then. What's our rotation for 2009? Gallardo, Suppan, McClung, Bush, Villanueva? No thanks.

Anonymous said...

trade braun?? wtf?? he is the cornerstone of the franchise until 2040 or whatever year we signed him till. the guy is an absolute beast. his numbers are way better than tubby chubby's and the guys proven he has that all-pro swagger. lets face it, sheets being gone next year or sooner is a given and prince being gone within 2 years is too. i think it will be fine as long as we get a return on our product (in the form of SP hopefuly) and we convince young players like hart and gallardo to sign long term contracts.