Thursday, June 19, 2008

Garcia is an Astute Observer

Would just like to point out that the Chuckie Hacks' e-mail in box ( received the following message from frequent commenter Garcia at 11:30 AM yesterday:

"I found this to be amusing…maybe not though….Look who has the highest probability of jackin’ one out of Miller tonight…."

Good Times! Way to notice this Garcia and bring it to our attention. Any observations on today's game?

On a related Branyan note, Doug Melvin was on 620 this morning and was saying that Bill Hall will get his chances but with the way Branyan is playing, "We are going to ride The Muscle as long as we can." That's awesome. The GM called Branyan "The Muscle". Also, read that sentence again, there are so many ways you can go with that statement. Again, Good Times.

1 comment:

Matt said...

I have a request - I'd like to not see Guillermo Mota in a tight game in the 8th inning for a while.

That guy gives me high blood pressure.