Monday, June 23, 2008

Gagne Getting Ready to Come Back

Eric Gagne threw a simulated game over the weekend, according to the team website.

No word on whether the simulated game involved at least 2 walks, a home run, continuous glasses de-fogging and a blown save.


garcia said...

When I heard that, I simulated me throwing my computer across the room and into the TV. I guess we're both getting ready for him to return!

Not so anonymous Jake said...

As far as I'm concerned every current member of the bullpen is throwing better than him. He can hang out at The Legend the rest of the summer and collect his 10 mil. K bye!

Anonymous said...

I want them to make him work at MP for home games. Every game a new job - grounds crew, concession stands, cleaning bathrooms, dancing on top of the dugout during the 7th inning stretch.

woziszeus said...

In other his stint on the DL, Gagne lowered his golf handicap by 6 shots.

God do I currently loathe him.