Sunday, June 22, 2008

Eric Gagne's in the Hall of Fame!

Fresh off a visit to Cooperstown today, I would like to announce that Eric Gagne has a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame. And I am not talking about the Youppi comic book that they had on display. A pair of Gagne's spikes from his record seasons with the Dodgers were on display. They were pretty close to Craig Counsell's spikes from when he scored the winning run in the World Series with the Marlins. Maybe they will also throw in some of Gagne's golf scorecards from this season.

But don't fear Brewers' fans. They have more than just the crappy current Brewers in the HoF. There is a Braun photo in the Rookie of the Year section and Prince is part of the introduction video. Good Times!

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