Thursday, May 29, 2008

Witrado Mailbag - Shorty...

You can zip through this one is like 7 minutes....there's actually some decent questions in there...go ahead.

But there are a few head shakers...mainly morons complaining about various topics related to Prince without further adieu:

Q: Jake of Atlanta, GA Via Burlington, WI - I have been struggling to get anyone to give me legitimate answer about the Brewers approach coming into the season. My first question is why would they risk upsetting Prince over a couple hundred thousand when he is the clubhouse leader, backbone of the lineup and CLEARLY the current face of the franchise. Not only does he have a difficult agent to work with but he also seems to have a lot of influence on the personality of a young team.

MY REACT: This question went on longer...and Witrado answered it very well. Go ahead and read the whole thing. Jake of Atlanta just can't understand the big picture. First of all, I wouldn't say he is CLEARLY the current face of the franchise. I would have to say reigning ROTY & 45 Million dollar man Ryan Braun might have something to say about that. The whole "risk of upsetting" Prince thing is idiotic. This type of shit happens ALL THE TIME. The Brewers (and all other teams) have some sort of formula which they renew their players year by year with. Going off of that formula and dumping a "couple hundred thousand" extra to Prince would be unfair to other players in the same situation. As a matter of fact, it would make said formula worthless. Jake mentions that he has a difficult agent. Well...that's Prince's fault. If you don't think the Brewers have offered a respectable long term deal to Fielder through his agent you're stupid. There is nothing the Brewers can do at this time regarding Prince. They are going to take him year by year because that is what his agent wants to do.

Q: Eric of Albany Wi. - Its obvious Fielder isnt happy in Milwaukee under his current contract.Whats the chance of us trading Fielder in the near future? So at least we can get something substantial for him.

A: Anthony Witrado - Not much of a chance. The team still has him for a while with some arbitration years.

MY REACT: For christ's sake...he signed the damn contract. He doesn't want a long term one. He and his agent are taking it year by year. THAT is what is obvious Eric. Look what happened with Braun. His agent didn't want him to sign long term, but he did it to lock in the money. He made a choice. Prince could have locked in too...but he CHOSE to go year by year. Stop with this nonsense about him not being happy.

Q: Jason of West Allis - I was at the game on Tuesday and my girlfriend asked, "How do they clean up the stand?" So now I ask you, How do they clean up after all us filthy fans? I think sweeping would be too inefficient. We settled on high pressure hoses.

A: Anthony Witrado - If this is the kind of conversations happening during games, this team must really be bad.

MY REACT: Jason of West Allis is Billups of the week, of this mailbag, and is a pussy.

Q: Jake of Milwaukee - Is there any chance that the Brewers would be willing to look into Jeff Cirillo curing their third base ills?

A: Anthony Witrado - Nope.

MY REACT: Not So Anonymous this you?


AP said...

I wouldn't be as quick as Witrado was to completely shoot down the idea of Prince being traded. Granted, not likely anytime soon, but it's not as unlikely as he makes it seem. The fact that that he has arbitration years left is what would make that trade MORE appealing to other teams.

Not so anonymous Jake said...

As much as I am a fan of Cirillo (Best Brewer of the past decade plus), I would never make such an inquiry as to him shoring up the third base position based on the fact that we know have Russel the Muscle in the mix.