Thursday, May 1, 2008

Turnbow - Going the Extra Mile

"Anybody see the strikezone," asks Turnbow?

Only one word/picture describes Derrick Turnbow these days. Screw Gas Can. Hindenburg doesn't do him justice. Ditto for Oil Tanker. How about Chernobyl. Yes, he's contaminating entire regions of countries right now. Add Suppan's terrible outing and you have a full fledged emergency evacuation situation.

As outstanding as Doug Melvin has been in Milwaukee, he can't keep Turnbow on the roster. He just can't. He is not a major league pitcher at this point. It took him 43 pitches to record 2 outs last night, raising his ERA to a points-per-game-like 15.63.

Check out these play-by-plays:

Suppan to start the game: Single, single, stolen base, double, double, out, walk, homer, the route is on

Chernobyl in the 8th: Strikeout, walk, single, the reactor showing warning signs, out, single, walk, reactor is malfunctioning, double, double, walk, reactor explodes.

Baseball is a funny game though, watch the Cubs score like 2 runs today. Hopefully.


Woz said...

Seriously, Turnbow needs to be released before the game TODAY. No trade...just a flat-out release. He's been given enough time and chances to prove to be serviceable. The man is done.

There has to be a more productive way to use that 25th spot. The bullpen appears fine. Get me a position player back up here and let's field a standard baseball team. I'm sick of this shit.

Who "deserves" a spot on the big league team? Joe Dillon or Derrick Turnblow? Get freaking Dillon back up here.

AP said...

How do you think Dave Bush feels right now? Honestly, if you have a pitcher on your roster who you've delegated as the "mop up guy", and that pitcher can't even do mop up duty correctly, how does that pitcher justify a spot on the roster?

Grant Balfour and Ben Hendrickson think Turnbow's had some rough outings.....

garcia said...

At least the Brewers scored five runs. They scored that many in the Florida series! Our offense is exploding!!

I assume according to Yost he threw the ball well... that should give him another chance

matt said...

That was a funny post. Reactor malfunctioning!

JamJam said...

Turn-blow never fails to live up to his nickname.

JamJam said...
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