Wednesday, May 7, 2008

They're Getting Better!

I can' t believe it...a decent JSOnline mailbag?

Ehhh...go for it. Spend an entire 10 minutes. There are some good questions and some slightly witty commentary from Witrado. There is some indirect Yost bashing in his responses along with some youthful references (Brad will probably be confused). There's also a "Major League" mention...awesome.

So with no Billups material, I'll post a few interesting questions that should draw up debate.

Q: Jalky of Dodgeville MI - Without Sheets the Brewers would be in serious does this situation play out with regard to next season? Do they let him walk for nothing (a terrible option)? Trade him before the deadline if they are out of it? Make him an offer now/later? With Suppan simply being a .500 inning-eater, Gallardo with potential (acl?), Bush awful, and Parra youthfully inconsistant the team does not seem to have a lot of alternatives. How should/will the team address the situation?

A: Anthony Witrado - This was a totally different situation at the start of the season, but being that no starter except Sheets has gotten a win since Parra in the first home series of the season, Sheets might not be expendable.

Q: Paul of Cudahy - Does Gallardo's injury virtually guarantee that Ben Sheets wil not be dealt at the trading deadline, since that would leave the team "aceless" for the stretch? Also, what's your measuring stick for "out of contention" at the trading deadline? 6 games? 8? Double digits? Thanks.

A: Anthony Witrado - If the team is out of it, they may make a trade instead of losing Sheets for nothing later. And I'd say it would have to be double digits.

Q: Thomas V of Park Falls - Do you see any possible situation where outfielder Matt LaPorta, who has been tearing up AA at a Braun like clip, joins the big club this year?

A: Anthony Witrado - A few weeks ago, the answer would have been no. But with the offense still not clicking, that possibility is becoming more real. Especially if the team is out of the race by mid-summer.

My Overall REACT: 2 points here...
If the Brewers trade Ben Sheets, the season is over. That day. A complete meltdown would have to happen over the next 3 months for that to happen. I hope we don't even have to have that discussion come July. Hopefully we're 7 games over .500.

LaPorta? This year? Uhhh...where is he going to play?


Bill said...

I guess my 15 minutes are up.
After posting as:
Rob in Brown Deer
Dan in Onalaska
and Earl in Kickapoo
the boys didn't (and therefore the Chuckie guys) respond to my
Bo in Ashippun question.
Bummer....I was having fun with you guys.
It's sad they will be leaving out the classic questions.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Anonymous said...

When is Laporta ever going to play? There is no room in the OF or at 1B and won't be unless someone goes down with a serious injruy.

Anonymous said...

Or Prince leaves in free agency in a few years.

matt said...

Braun, Hart, LaPorta in the OF sounds good to me.