Wednesday, May 7, 2008


A few months ago I poked fun at a stud high school basketball player in Madison for his Q/A responses. Afterwards, I did feel bad, I really did. Anyway, people have been wondering why Wisconsin hasn't been recruiting him...he lives right in their own backyard. I think these quotes from his old man might tell the story. Something tells me Bo wouldn't exactly enjoy dealing with this kid's dad. Holy Crap:

For all of his junior season and for the better part of April, Madison Memorial junior Jeronne Maymon had all of two scholarship offers -- from Baylor and UW-Green Bay.

Well, that situation has changed – and in a big way -- for the multi-talented and quickly emerging 6-foot-6 combination forward.

In the past 10 days or so, Maymon has received scholarship offers from Marquette, Iowa State, Tennessee and USC, according to his father Tim Maymon.

“And we are hoping to hear soon from Kentucky and Minnesota as well,” Tim Maymon said. “Kentucky is involved and is close to making an offer and we expect Minnesota to also get involved.

“Marquette is making a lot of noise right now, and we really like Iowa State and Baylor. Baylor and Iowa State might be the top priorities because the coaches there have said they will run their whole team through Jeronne. The coaches at Baylor said they can make him the Kevin Durant of Baylor. The coaches at Iowa State have said Jeronne will be their ‘go-to’ player and will form a great one-two combination with Diante Garrett.”

Maymon continues to light up the travel-team circuit like few other players in the nation in the class of 2009.

In a game against The Family out of Detroit, Maymon finished with 33 points to help lead the Bobcats to a narrow victory over a program that includes highly regarded frontline prospects DaShonte Riley (6-11, undecided), Derrick Nix (6-9, Michigan State) and Donnovan Kirk (6-8, Miami, Fla). Michael Haynes of Chicago Washington teamed with Maymon to form a dynamic frontline for the Bobcats as he added more than 20 points.

“We will take some unofficial visits this summer, but only to schools that have made an offer,” Tim Maymon said. “We will be playing at a tournament in California in the summer and will probably stop by USC at that time. And we will visit Tennessee after playing in a tournament in Las Vegas in July.

“Schools will need to match what Baylor and Iowa State are offering in order to get Jeronne.
He is not redshirting and he is not coming off the bench.

“Jeronne has proved the last three weeks how good he is and how well he can compete on a national level. It’s been a frenzy in terms of recruiting, but we’re still looking to narrow our list to our top three schools in June and then take some unofficial visits.”


train said...

You mean to tell me that Bo wouldn't sit this kid down and tell him he'd be the 'go to' guy at UW?

Bo sucks at recruiting.

train said...

You mean to tell me that Bo wouldn't sit this kid down and tell him he'd be the 'go to' guy at UW?

Bo sucks at recruiting.

Woz said...

Please...Bo doesn't recruit athletes.

Anonymous said...

I attended a Madison Memorial game last season, and this post doesn't surprise me in the least. While i was extremely impressed with the play of the younger Maymon, the elder was a complete a**.

He was literally verbally abusing the opposing players, jumping up and down like a six year old whenever either of his sons did anything on the court, and generally behaving like a rube.

I can honestly say (and I've been around sports for almost thirty years) that I have never seen anyone act as ridiculous as this guy

ruffian96 said...

UW doesn't have any more schollies left for his class, but somebody needs to keep this kid in-state. Perhaps reputed uber-recruiter Buzz Williams can pull it off.

sleestak said...

guys like this hack me off. I hope he blows out his knee and ends up digging ditches for a living. It might sound cruel, but guys like this who just don't appreciate their abilities and what they have deserve to end up like Ryan Leaf... a fat, embittered punchline.

lofty said...

what are you talking about? those comments were made by his dad not him.