Thursday, May 15, 2008

SI helps us answer last week's burning question

Great story in Sports Illustrated this week focused on the Brewers. Lee Jenkins tagged along on the last road trip (2-7, ugh) and chronicled life on the road for a young team. It was an enjoyable read and I was glad to hear that Gagne comes to the park early to try and figure out what he can fix. There was a tie for the best part of the piece and they both involved the photos that accompanied it. The first is, we learned the answer to last weeks burning question. Ned Yost has a big tatoo of a cross on his left arm. Interesting. Better yet is the above picture of Uecker's shorts. This small pic doesn't do it justice. I would suggest purchasing the issue so you can check out the full fleged hilarity in greter detail.
On a side note, the Big League Stew has a good interview with Mr. Baseball.


Woz said...

Good work Goldy. Where's the body art label?

I've been dying to use that one again.

Anonymous said...

You know Uecker's stalker already has had that pic blown up to lifesize.

JamJam said...

JJ hits a ping pong ball about as hard as he hits a baseball. At least his range around that table isn't an issue.

Anonymous said...

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