Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ned Yost's Tattoo!

We're going to stay positive around here today. Instead of harping on the 5th consecutive loss and an apparent inept offense, we're going to speculate on what sort of tattoo Ned Yost has.

I can believe I missed this in the mailbag yesterday. Our editor (Brad) picked up on it.

Q: Brad of Wausau - Why does Ned Yost always wear sleeves? He isn't hiding any ink is he?

A: Anthony Witrado - I don't think so, although he does have some. Maybe he has a trick up his sleeve to help the hitters. If he does, he needs to bust it out YESTERDAY.

Ok...Witrado was a little ambiguous with that answer, b
ut we are going to go ahead an assume that indeed, Ned Yost has a badass tattoo.

What do you think he's got? Something along these lines?
This needs to be answered today.


brad said...

He must have "Weeks Must Bat Leadoff" tatooed on his arm.

Anonymous said...

No picture of goofy tats is complete without a pic of Forgey's tatoo of a nutsack, complete with pubes and crabs that he got on his ribs so tha when he extends his arm, it represents the shaft. Good Times!

Anonymous said...

Ned Yost does indeed have a tattoo. Check out page 55 of the May 19, 2008 issue of Sports Illustrated (Danica Patrick cover). There is a small photo of Ned chatting with Ted Simmons, the sleeveless shirt he wears clearly reveals a large, single-color tattoo on his upper arm. It's hard to make out the design though. A cross of some sort, maybe?