Monday, May 5, 2008

Should The Coaching Staff Get More Heat?

I thought this comment from Garcia on the previous post was very well done and would generate some I thought it deserved it's own post.

This is a very general comment that really has nothing to do with this post.

I have been wondering... I feel a lot of fans dislike Ned Yost, me included as well as many people that read these posts. I feel every response to harsh criticism of Yost is responded with, "well ultimately the brewers batters have to hit or brewers pitchers have to pitch. You can't blame Yost for those problems."

Why not? If we end up having a mediocre year is it the players' fault for not performing? But if they have a good year Yost will be rewarded with a possible extension?

This is my main question... At what point does Ned Yost and his staff become accountable? I am not leaving out Maddux or Skaalen by any means. ALL OF THE COACHES. Does anybody work with with Gagne to figure out why he is good some nights and bad other nights? Who helps Rickie Weeks with mechanics? Does anybody analyze why Villanueva and Parra seem to hit the wall like Bush? Why are our pitchers walking so many people?

When does the coaching staff become accountable for not changing a struggling system? By what I hear from Ned Yost, he actually does nothing. I believe his response to the hitters not hitting is either bad luck or "they'll come around." When does he become responsible for that? Ever? To me he basically says he does nothing to change their hitting woes.

I get real frustrated when we throw down so many excuses for our team and yet the youngest team in the bigs has the best record. Are you saying that all of their players are basically better than ours?

I really wish someone would just get rid of our entire coaching staff and start brand new. There has to be someone out there that can help Weeks, and Hall and Hardy. Someone has to be able to see that there is other talent in AAA and maybe should be brought up for a change if people up here cannot get it done.

I am sorry for the length, but I have to get this off my chest since I know that neither Haudricourt nor Adam McCalvey would ever answer this question. They like to wimp away from the hard questions.


Anonymous said...

get someone in here who knows how to maximize the young talent on this roster.

Anonymous said...

How about Kremblas? He led them to championships in AAA. I know, it's a different game, but they must have played well for the guy...and they know him well.

Anonymous said...

This is baseball folks, outward activity is not common, and the leadership is COX disciple, doing little and being laid back is part of the package.

If we think the coaching staff does not spend all day in the video room, working on an individual basis with players, or reassessing where we are so far, thats just ignorant.

While the staff is not perfect, "getting someone in who knows how to maximize talent" is impossible. Players have to maximize talent, coaches only facilitate. Lets be realistic, Kremblas aint coming up, and no one from the outside is coming in, it would blow up the young nucleus, these are not vets.

Yost could get canned, even by midseason if we have a bad may, but
simmons will take the job.

Therefore, lets wait to criticize this year, after this year, or at least until we are well under .500. And lets also not combine last year's slide with this years group of critique. They are separate years, different teams.

I consider myself a Yost backer, but also feel he deserves criticism. But c'mon, the front office paid gag me 10 mil, hes got to play him, if gag me doesn't blow these saves, we are not having this conversation.

We would just be winning with low offense.

Let's give this more time, by the break we will see if talent has been maximized.

AP said...

From everything I've heard in the past, Simmons has pretty much said he won't replace Yost. It's pretty much if Yost goes, he goes. I don't think he'll be the guy to step in. Still, it's nice to think about. Also, I think Kremblas will be in the majors in some capacity in his career. How does Sveum still cash a check in this league?

This year has probably been Yost's best year. There have been far less things that he's done that seem stupid (although this team's baserunning acumen is still around little league level). He's kept the lineup more stable, and the Houston series aside they are playing better on the road thus far. With that said, this team still seems like it is underperforming. Maybe I overestimate the talent, but that's how it seems. If that's the case, I have no problem blowing up the staff this year or at the end of this year. I just have no faith in Yost, regardless of wether I'm trying to be nice to him this year or not.

Here's a question: As of right now, I'm fine with where the Brewers are. I still feel they can compete, provided the offense picks it up one of these weeks. Beeing pessimistic though, let's say they are maybe 7 games back at the All Star break, behind both St. Louis & Chicago. At what point do you consider dealing Sheets at the deadline, like they did for Carlos Lee, rather than letting him walk at the end of this year for nothing? That money is a lot more likely to go to guys like Braun & Fielder than band-aid Benny in my opinion.

matt said...

I think people sometimes think that what is said in public to a newspaper reporter is everything that's going on.

Look - Yost isn't going to bash his players in the press. He isn't George Karl, he isn't Larry Brown, he isn't Lou Piniella. That style might work for those guys, but it doesn't work for Ned. About as close as he's gotten to bashing a player in public is when he said that he couldn't trust Turnbow in a tight ballgame (no s***).