Thursday, May 8, 2008

Different Lineup?

Who else would like to see some lineup changes? Obviously, this one isn't working. At this point, I'd like to see anything thrown out there to jump start the "offense." How about:

Kendall C
Prince 1B
Hart LF
Weeks 2B
Braun RF
Cammy CF
Counsell SS
Hall 3B

Prince and Kendall should draw some walks. Hart has been the most consistent hitter since day 1, so he bats 3rd. Weeks at least hits line drives. Braun and Cammy need to get going. Counsell gives you a decent at bat (JJ sucks) before Hall strikes out in the 8 spot. As for the pitcher batting 8th….if it was such a great strategy, everyone would do it.
This is not a full time lineup, just a 1 game trial.


matt said...

I had a similar lineup in mind, that went like this:

Hart, RF
Prince, 1B
Weeks, 2B
Cameron, CF
Braun, RF
Hardy, SS
Hall, 3B (or Counsell - I'd be cool with that too)
Kendall, C

My thinking: Prince is getting frustrated at the plate - just tell him to take 4 walks and clog the bases.

Weeks, Cameron and Braun are the only guys who have been able to square up on a ball in the past 7 days or so, so they go 3-4-5.

Hart bats leadoff, just to get all the morons on the JS Blog to shut up for a day.

Hardy sucks slightly less than Hall does right now, so put him 6th.

UeckersEats said...

1. Kendall – C .361 OBP
2. Hart – RF .360 OBP
3. Braun – LF .267 AVG
4. Cameron – CF .529 SLG (or 5th w/ .845 OPS)
5. Fielder – 1B .769 OPS (or 4th w/ .410 SLG)
6. Hall – 3B .707 OPS
7. Weeks – 2B .685 OPS
8. Hardy – SS .604 OPS (really, J.J.?)
9. Petition Selig for DH exemption for being an AL team

matt said...

My lineup is also very innovative in that I play two players in RF.

I'm cutting edge.

brad said...

Other teams could play without a rightfielder when Braun, Weeks, JJ, or Hall are up. Honestly, when's the last time one of these guys got a base hit to RF?

UeckersEats said...

Heck, when is the last time they even flew out to right? Weeks, JJ and Hall are all trying to put everything over the left-field wall.

brad said...

Good point. It's like playing neighborhood baseball as a kid. You only had like 6 guys so you were not allowed to hit anything right of second base.

matt said...

Braun had a fairly important base hit to right field last week. That's the last one I can remember.

UeckersEats said...

That's why I left him off my list of LF-pull offenders. Braun is pulling it together after his dreadful start. The other three? Well, they got some work to do on their collective approach.

matt said...

According to the JS Online, here's tonight's lineup:

2B Rickie Weeks
CF Mike Cameron
1B Joe Dillon
LF Ryan Braun
SS JJ Hardy
3B Bill Hall
RF Gabe Kapler
C Mike Rivera
P Carlos Villanueva

JJ hitting 5th? Sure. Gabe Kapler 7th? Why not? Joe Dillon in the 3-hole? Makes sense.


brad said...

If Prince is sitting because of the lefty-lefty matchup, why sit Hart at the same time?????


Tony said...

It is a good day to be a Marlins fan.

Goldy said...

On the bright side, Chris Barnwell is not in that line-up.

UeckersEats said...

Dear God we're gettin' blanked again tonight. I can just feel it.

Anonymous said...

Big shock - this lineup scored 2 runs.