Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting To Know Your Chuckie Hacks Bloggers

Our first installment of "Getting to know your Chuckie Hacks Bloggers" is complete with these hard-hitting questions. Enjoy.

Worst sports stadium you've ever been to:
MATT: The Metrodome for a Twins game.
BRAD: Ditto. Plus, it was when like Marty Cordova was their best player. Ouch.
WOZ: Wrigley Field (it’s a dump). The La Crosse Loggers have a better stadium.
GOLDY: While the Dome does suck tremendous balls, especially for baseball, I would have to go with Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

Least favorite professional athlete of all time:
MATT: Karl Malone and John Stockton (tied)
GOLDY: Michael Irvin
WOZ: Scott Hoch
BRAD: Bill Laimbeer

Growing up, my favorite baseball glove was fake-signed by:
WOZ: Darren Daulton
MATT: Ozzie Smith
GOLDY: Andre Dawson
BRAD: Tony Gwynn

Did you ever dress as a Packer/Brewer for Halloween?
GOLDY: Yes, both.
BRAD: No, but once I was Tony Dorsett
WOZ: No, my parents didn’t believe in Halloween
MATT: No, neither

Most random sporting event ever attended:
GOLDY: Tie, 49ers at Seahawks, 2004 during my honeymoon; Saskatchewan RoughRiders at Toronto Argonauts – 1997
BRAD: Sioux Falls Canaries game in about 1992
MATT: Tie, World Basketball Championships held in Toronto in maybe 1994 (Rick Fox played for Canada - the fans loved him), and a Cubs-Marlins playoff game at Joe Robbie Stadium (or whatever it was called) in Miami.
WOZ: ASU v U of New England (or something like that) at the ASU field house

Were you a member of the Brewers/Pepsi Fan Club?

Most lame piece of sports apparel you’ve ever owned:
GOLDY: A T-shirt I got at Old Comiskey the last year it was open that said “Bart Man Sox Fan” and had Bart Simpson on it.
BRAD: Chuck “The Rifleman” Person cartoon T-Shirt
MATT A Miami Hurricanes Starter jacket
WOZ Penny Hardaway Magic Jersey…I think I wore it twice

Least favorite current Brewer:
BRAD: Craig Counsell.
MATT: Dave Bush, I guess (this was hard - they've jettisoned all of my least favorite Brewers in the past year or so - where is Jose Capellan when you actually need him?)
WOZ: Julian Tavarez, someone needs to buy him a new face.

Favorite non-Wisconsin sports team…
GOLDY: Historic: Houston Oilers; Current: Los Angeles Angles
BRAD: New York Jets. Al Toon, baby!
MATT: Miami Dolphins
WOZ: The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim! (Arizona Cardinals are a close second)

Least Favorite Brewer of all-time excluding Jeffrey Hammonds:
WOZ: (TIE) Ron Belliard & Marquis Grissom (I have berated them both on subsequent occasions)
BRAD: Curtis Leskanic
MATT: Sal Bando as GM (or were you just talking about Brewers players?)
GOLDY: Without a doubt it would be Jose Hernandez

Age I determined the necessity of wearing a cup for fear of losing testicles:
MATT: Lord - who knows. 8? I actually only dabbled with a cup, because I usually played in the OF where I deemed it unnecessary.
WOZ: 9
GOLDY: I would say 8. I rotated between pitcher, catcher and SS and I think I had that thing in being the plate even as an 8 year old. As an aside, with all the great technology out there these days and Under Armor and all that crap, how have they never invented a more comfortable cup?
BRAD: None, only played hoops as a kid.

Favorite random Bucks player of all time:
BRAD: Steve Henson
MATT: Blue Edwards
GOLDY: Greg “Cadillac” Anderson. I had a poster that said “New Bucks on the Block” and it had Cadillac and Alvin Robertson on it. Good Times!
WOZ: Armon "Hammer" Gilliam

Maybe now you know us a little better...or not.


#84 said...

Which one of you guys had sex with my girlfriend in the dorm at LaX?

Charlie said...

John Stockton. Matt, say it ain't so? Malone I understand...but Stockton hurts.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have been Woz, he never had sex at UWL

Anonymous said...

MATT A Miami Hurricanes Starter jacket
WOZ Penny Hardaway Magic Jersey

Who didn't have these 2 items in the early 90s?

brad said...

Matt, forgot to ask. Didn't your 'Canes Starter jacket get stolen at knife point by some wannabe gangster in Port Washington?

Anonymous said...

brad meant to say he never wore a cup because he has a vagina

Matt said...

Yes. My Starter jacket was the object of some punk's robbery attempt.

It was a fake gun. And as it turned out, a fake robbery. By a fake gangster.

Charlie - Stockton and Malone are forever intertwined in my mind, unfortunately for John.

Goldy said...

Matt -
That sounds like a rap song waiting to happen. Who would have guessed that the streets of Port were more dangerous that the streets of Racine.

Andy Diehl said...

Woz never had sex at UWL? My asshole begs to differ!

lofty said...

I figured you for a "taker".

Htiek said...

Matt, that Canes starter jacket was classic......I remember you wearing i t with pride in honor of your hero Constantin Popa

Tony said...

Heith, from long range with a direct hit!

Anonymous said...

If you think the Metrodome is a bad stadium, you've never been to Shea Stadium or Candlestick Park.

Tim said...

I like your blog, but cannot believe that an educated bunch such as yourselves would not hate Gary Sheffield more than anyone. I also put in a vot for one of my all-time favorite Bucks - Jack Sikma of St. Anne, IL.