Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dear Bill Hall: Shut your mouth

A few days ago (before they called up Branyan) I made a little reference as to why there wasn't even some consideration that he and Bill Hall weren't in a platoon, considering the fact that Bill Hall currently sucks.

Well...since Doug Melvin is a dedicated reader of Chuckie Hacks and blogs in general, Russell the Muscle was called up...presumably to be placed in a strict platoon with Bill Hall at 3b for the lefty-righty situation.

Oh nooooooooooo.....I guess not says Ned Yost.

I am actually a little surprised by this, given that Bill Hall is actually batting quite well against lefties. But I guess I also have no problem giving Branyan a shot at most of the PT...considering that he was owning souls in Triple A and is on the same level as Bill Hall defensively.

So Bill Hall and his career OBP of .318 (ugh) are upset.
"Going on the last four years, nothing makes any sense," he said. "My understanding is we needed a left-handed bat in the lineup and I was the odd man out. Does that make any sense? We'll see what happens the next couple of days."

Not quite sure that I understand what that means. He is obviously making some sort of statement that the fact that he has essentially been a full time player the last 4 years gives him some sort of additional lee-way when he goes on a prolonged slump or something.

You know what Bill? When you sign a contract for the big bucks, the team does give you extra time to work out your problems. As a matter of fact...the team has given you 177 AB's this year already...and you've done shit. You can no longer be relied upon. You have to work your way back. It's that simple. Shut your mouth.

I'm hoping Bill Hall can find some of his 2005 & 2006 magic. I really do. I'd love a year like that right now from our 3b. But it appears that he won't have the opportunity to show what he can do for a while assuming Branyan doesn't continuing having 4 strikeout games.


Matt said...

I read Hall's comments to mean "for the past four years, nothing has made any sense" - I assume he's mad about getting jerked around the diamond from position to position.

Maybe he has a right to be mad about that. Maybe he feels like the organization hasn't allowed him to just play one position and settle in.

Unfortunately, when your OBP is the same as Goldy's BAC after a night bar hopping in Shorewood followed up with some Guitar Hero, you aren't in much of a position to complain about anything, in my opinion. His steady position should be on the bench.

woziszeus said...

4 years...24 million.

The organization owes him nothing.

AP said...

Right after Billy Hall made those incredibly stupid and poorly timed statements he was handed his paycheck by a team official.

"Oh wait, never mind. I'm an idiot. I forgot that I am overpaid and underproducing.", he added. "For some reason I thought this was still 2005 and I completely forgot I signed that big contract. Wow. My apologies. I should probably just shut the f**k up"

Goldy said...

Solid comment Matt. Will you be coming up to Port tonight to watch the Grand Avenuers play softball in sub-40 degree weather at 9:00. I think my BAC will need to be at a Bill Hall OBP level to make it through that one. Guitar Hero afterwards will be optional.

JamJam said...

TH is losing it. Here is his response to a JS commenter (http://blogs.jsonline.com/brewers/archive/2008/05/26/hall-not-happy-with-3b-situation.aspx , see comments at 11:46pm and 12:13am):

Who do you think knows better how angry Bill Hall was? Me, standing in the clubhouse, interviewing him? Or you, sitting on your coach in your parents house in your underwear, eating Doritos, telling everybody what you think he meant? Your cartoon character knows more baseball than you do.

Anonymous said...

Wow. TH is getting weird.