Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Lessons

We learned two things last weekend.

First, Johan Santana is not going to win 30 games this year, as one "AL Executive" told Tom Verducci would happen.

An AL executive, after watching Santana mow down Florida on Opening Day said, "Santana's going to win 30 games in that league. Mark it down. Who's going to hit him with those lineups? In that league he might win 30 and strike out 300. I'm not kidding."

I can't even fathom why someone would seriously say this, but Verducci should reveal his source on this one so we can all mock this person's stupidity. "AL Executive" must not know that there are better lineups than the Florida Marlins in the NL.

Santana is now 1-2 after giving up three bombs to the punch-less Milwaukee Brewers lineup on Saturday (and was actually booed by the home fans - I bet that never happened in Minnesota). Assuming he'll start 35 games this year, Santana will have to win 29 of his remaining 32 starts to get to 30 wins. I'm calling that unlikely, especially because New York's bullpen blows.

Second, Tiger won't win the Grand Slam this year, even though he said that "it's easily within reason" before the 2008 season started. Tiger didn't even really contend in the Masters, as he sputtered at or around even par the first two rounds and only a nice third round vaulted him into the conversation for the weekend, albeit short-lived.

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